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Square meters of an apartment per person – how much is there in Poland? How do we fare against the backdrop of the European Union? HRE Investments report

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Slightly over 29 square meters of an apartment in Poland is allocated to a statistical citizen. The housing situation on the Vistula River is improving, because we have a space larger by one third per person compared to 2002, according to a report by HRE Investments.

According to Eurostat data quoted in the HRE report, in Poland there are just over 29 square meters of housing per average citizen. “In Europe, the standard is higher, sometimes even more than twice as high” – wrote the report and added that a statistical European has 40 sq m. flats.


Square meters per person – Poland against the backdrop of Europe

According to HRE, it is worse than in Poland only in Romania, where in 2012 (no more recent data) there were 17 sq m per person. flats. In Lithuania, Bulgaria and Slovenia, the situation is similar to the Polish situation, he added.

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About 40 sq m per person is in France, Spain, Latvia, Finland and Italy, it was written. “The record holders are, however, the Danes. Statistically speaking, they have at their disposal over 60 sq m per person. This is more than twice as much as in our country” – emphasized in the report.

HRE pointed out that the housing situation in Poland has been consistently improving. “While in 2002 there were 22 meters per person, today it is already 7 square meters more” – it was stated. “This is a really huge leap if we take into account the housing shortages that we as a country have been struggling with for decades,” he assessed.

“Looking at the situation with a pessimistic eye, we can, however, come to the unpleasant conclusion that at this pace we will still be aiming for the European average for 20-30 years” – HRE pointed out.

Average flat area per personHRE Investments

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