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Śrem, Chłapowska Street. A 13-year-old on a bike flies over the hood of a car and falls. Recording

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Several cyclists rode quickly through the entrance to the parking lot, the last one collided with a car. The thirteen-year-old flew over the hood and fell next to the vehicle. He was not wearing a helmet, but it can be said that he was quite lucky, because nothing happened to him. Police officers from Śrem showed the recording from the monitoring and hope that it will become a pretext for a discussion about safety.

A surveillance video published by the police in Śrem (Wielkopolska Province) has appeared on social media. It shows a dangerous situation that took place at the end of June on Chłapowska Street in Śrem.

It was 7:25 p.m. Several cyclists were riding on the pedestrian and bicycle path. The video shows that at one point they pass through the exit from the parking lot. According to the police, contrary to appearances, there is no pedestrian crossing at this point. All the young cyclists were riding according to the regulations. There are lanes on the asphalt, but there is no sign informing about a pedestrian crossing anywhere before.

Cyclists ride quickly and without helmets through this section of road. Four seconds pass and suddenly another thirteen-year-old appears at the exit of the parking lot. At the same moment a car drives onto the road. The boy collides with the vehicle, flies over the hood and falls onto the road.

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That's all that can be seen in the recording, but what did the police determine?

What happened?

– A woman driving a Toyota, entering traffic from a parking lot, failed to give way and caused a collision with a 13-year-old boy riding a bicycle on a pedestrian and bicycle path. Fortunately, the boy was unharmed – informed Deputy Inspector Ewa Kasińska, spokeswoman for the District Police Headquarters in Śrem.

The case ended with a ticket for the Toyota driver. However, as the spokeswoman says, the most important thing in this situation is that neither the driver nor the cyclists exercised due caution, which is why everything could have ended tragically.

The thirteen-year-old flew through the hoodKPP Srem

– Teenagers should drive slower in this situation, but according to the law, they are not responsible for the ticket procedure. Adults often behave in a thoughtless manner, let alone children. We do not want to stigmatize their behavior here, but to draw attention to the fact that the principle of limited trust should always be applied. We hope that the publication of this recording will become a contribution to a conversation between parents and children about how to behave safely on the road. Lack of consideration, recklessness can lead to tragedy.

Put on your helmet

The police also remind people to wear a helmet. It is not a mandatory element of bicycle equipment, but as the services and road traffic experts emphasize, a helmet is worth wearing because it protects the head from injuries, which are easy to get. – Often, falling off a bike has more serious consequences. It is good that in this case there was no injury – adds Kasińska.

Main image source: KPP Srem

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