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Stanisław Tyszka and Janusz Kowalski argue about the Justice Fund. “Making up nonsense”

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On Monday, Confederation MP Stanisław Tyszka talked about the background of the 2020 meeting with the then Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro. – At one point, Janusz Kowalski said something that it would be possible to use the Justice Fund – he said. Kowalski commented on these words on social media. He called Tyszka's reports “making up nonsense.”

Referring to the scandal surrounding the Justice Fund, Stanisław Tyszka, MP of the Confederation, he said on TVN24 on Sunday that he received offers to “use the Justice Fund.” – It was political corruption – he said and declared that he was ready to cooperate with the prosecutor's office and a possible commission of inquiry in this case. He announced that he would “present more details” in the coming days.

Tyszka: I received offers to use the Justice Fund. It was political corruptionTVN24

On Monday in Polsat News, Tyszka said that “the problem is that they changed the law in 2017 and they added prevention of causes to the Justice Fund, which should deal with helping victims of crime and post-penitentiary help, i.e. help for people leaving prison.” crimes.” – And this opened the door for them to finance whatever they want. And it amounted to hundreds of millions of zlotys, he said.

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He added that it would present a report in 2021 Supreme Chamber of Control and this report indicated that “there are a lot of irregularities.” He recalled that the Supreme Audit Office submitted reports to the prosecutor's office.


Tyszka: I said to Paweł Kukiz “they are thieves”

Stanisław Tyszka recalled that before he joined the Confederation, he was in the Kukiz15 parliamentary group. – Law and Justice lacked votes for a majority, so each parliamentary seat was very important for them. And they have been trying to convince me to cooperate with them for many years – said the MP. – And various types of proposals were made to me periodically – he added.

– Various PiS factions tried to do so. I at some point with Paweł Kukiz we got an invitation from Zbigniew Ziobro, and mediated by Janusz Kowalski. We talked there about European affairs, about the KPO, because here we had similar views, although they supported Morawiecki, who did not veto the “Green Deal”. And suddenly, during this meeting – from their perspective, this meeting was supposed to serve some potential political rapprochement – at one point Janusz Kowalski said something that it would be possible to use the Justice Fund. I was very surprised, I don't remember the exact words or details of the proposal, I understood it as a proposal for friendly institutions and non-governmental organizations – Tyszka reported.

He explained that the meeting was attended by Zbigniew Ziobro, former Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General, MP from Sovereign Poland (then Solidarna Polska), Janusz Kowalski, Paweł Kukiz and himself. – It was 2020 – said Tyszka and added that “we did not take up this topic.”

Stanisław TyszkaPAP/Paweł Supernak

– I was surprised, I remember that after leaving I said something to Paweł Kukiz: “they are thieves, we will not talk to him” – Tyszka said. – For me, in a moral or ethical sense, this is obvious theft. This is the transfer of public money for party purposes and we know that Solidarity Poland she did it, he added.

He said that he had not reported the case to the prosecutor's office. – I was sitting opposite the prosecutor general, who was the administrator of the Justice Fund, so I could have just as easily told him that something was wrong here – he said.

– I am a lawyer and the offers I received were of the nature of political corruption, but in my opinion they did not constitute a crime or a criminal proposal – said the Confederation MP.

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He assessed that this is “an element of the very messy, disgusting political corruption we have in Poland.” He added that we have examples all the time and that recently “the Civic Coalition bought two PiS councilors in Podlasie.”

Kowalski: making up nonsense

Janusz Kowalski reacted to Tyszka's words on social media. “At the end of his election campaign, MP Stanisław Tyszka throws some accusations against me into the ether, immediately covering himself with… oblivion. Inventing nonsense just to get out of his lie told a few days ago against… PiS ( sic!) only proves about MP Tyszka,” he wrote.

He added that “MP Tyszka doesn't remember much from the last term, during which important issues for Poland were resolved between Poland and the EU” and said that Tyszka was “offended by the entire world's MP that he did not become a deputy speaker of the Sejm.”

“I will remind MP Tyszka. The substantive conversation with Paweł Kukiz, who came with MP Tyszka, concerned the KPO mechanism and blackmail by Eurocrats,” wrote Janusz Kowalski.

He added that it was his only conversation for four years with MP Stanisław Tyszka and that “in his case it was of an educational nature for a lazy MP who was completely uninformed about matters important for Poland.”

Janusz Kowalski also called Tyszka for a debate on his profile on the X website.

“I trust that MP Tyszka, who spreads lies to promote himself during his election campaign, will not turn out to be a softy and will accept my invitation. I will be happy to talk about MP Tyszka's term of office for 2019-2023,” he wrote.

Main photo source: PAP/Paweł Supernak

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