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Stargard, Mysliborz. Female lynx and bison died from gunshots. Investigations discontinued

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The prosecutor’s office was unable to identify those responsible for killing the female lynx and bison. The perpetrators have not been found, investigators said. The protected animals died in September 2022.

As Monika Cruz from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Szczecin informed us, two cases regarding the death of animals protected by law were discontinued in recent days. Both situations took place in September last year and both were discontinued due to the failure to detect the perpetrators.

Five lead pellets in the body of a stylus

– The District Prosecutor’s Office in Stargard legally discontinued the case of killing a four-month-old female lynx, which took place on September 13, 2022 near Suchanówka – the prosecutor said. Cat she was Cleo’s childa female lynx that two months later she was also shot dead.

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“A four-month-old female lynx was shot with a hunting weapon, five lead pellets were found in her body” – informed Maciej Tracz from the West Pomeranian Natural Society. In his opinion, everything pointed to a hunter.

– Shooting a young lynx that was still under the care of a female is an act of barbarism. This should be severely punished – Stefan Jakimiuk, senior species protection specialist at WWF Polska, commented at the time.

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Żurzyca in agony

In turn, the District Prosecutor’s Office in Myślibórz validly discontinued the case of a female bison shot in the leg, which also happened in September 2022. Her condition was so severe that, in accordance with the procedure, the bison cow was shot.

A gunshot wound was found only during the autopsy. – The bullet hit the bison near the elbow and went through the whole body. Żubr walked with this wound for several days, Tracz reported at the time.

The bison cow was shotMaciej Tracz, West Pomeranian Natural Society

As he claimed, it was the wound that led to the agony of the animal and its fatal condition. Also in this case, according to Tracz, the shot was fired from a rifled rifle, i.e. a hunting weapon.

Both species are strictly protected. Killing them is punishable by up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: Maciej Tracz, West Pomeranian Natural Society

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