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Stargard. Two boys hit a car on a scooter. The court punished the one who was the passenger

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A teenager from Stargard (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) gave his friend a ride on his scooter. Sam stood behind him as a passenger, but he was supposed to grab the steering wheel as he drove. The court found that “demoralization had occurred” and punished the teenager with 16 hours of community service.

As Tomasz Szaj, press officer of the District Court in Szczecin informed us, on Wednesday in the District Court in Stargard in the 3rd Family and Juvenile Department, a decision was made in the case of boys who at the end of June last year drove a scooter into a passenger car that was coming off a roundabout. We informed about the situation hot on our website.

– Ultimately, the court, after taking evidence, determined that not the one who was accused of violations was driving the scooter, but the other, who was more injured, had more injuries – says the judge.

A car hit two boys riding a scooterWioletta Mordasiewicz

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Punishment for teenagers

It turned out that a colleague of the scooter owner was driving. However, the passenger – the owner of the vehicle – was punished. – It was found that the demoralization was on the side of the scooter owner, consisting in the fact that he gave his scooter to a friend to drive and as a passenger inadvertently violated the safety rules by holding the steering wheel, which made it difficult for the first teenager to drive the vehicle – explains Szaj.

The court ordered him to perform 16 hours of community service.

Punishment for the owner of the scooter does not mean that the other teenager will not be punished. The court does not rule out that separate proceedings will be initiated against him.

Stargard. Teenagers were riding a scooter, they were hit by a passenger carStargard is standing

They got into the car

The accident happened on June 28 last year around 4 pm. – We received a call to Stargard for Broniewskiego Street regarding two boys who were riding a scooter and were hit by a car – said Paulina Heigel, spokeswoman for the Provincial Ambulance Station in Szczecin.

The injured boys, aged about 13, were taken to hospitals. One of them has a broken leg. The second was in a more serious condition, unconscious with a craniocerebral trauma and a hand injury.

As Deputy Commissioner Krzysztof Wojsznarowicz from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Stargard informed then, the driver of the passenger car was sober.

Main photo source: Wioletta Mordasiewicz

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