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Starlink satellites over Poland – when to watch? SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket will launch another group of satellites into orbit

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On Friday morning there will be another chance to see the “space train” in the sky. “We have two flights ahead of us” – informed Karol Wójcicki, popularizer of astronomy. Check when to look at the sky to see the Starlink satellites.

“We are waiting for two flights” – wrote Karol Wójcicki, author of the blog “With the head in the stars” on the Facebook profile. The first flight of Starlinks will take place between 2.21-2.27 on Friday. The satellites will then fly over Ukraine, so from our perspective we will see them low over the southeastern horizon. “They will be best visible from Podkarpacie and the Lublin region, and the worst from north-western Poland, because there … they will not be visible at all” – he added.

“From the viewpoint of of Warsaw satellites will fly out of the Earth’s shadow a few seconds by 2.21 below the constellation of the Eagle on the southeastern horizon. Then, climbing only 16 degrees, they will pass through the constellations of Pegasus and continue towards the northwestern horizon” – added the popularizer of astronomy.


Starlink satellites

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The second flyby will be very similar to Thursday’s, “with the difference that instead of 44 degrees, the satellites will fly only at 27”. “At 3.54 Starlineczki will fly out of the Earth’s shadow below the bright Arcturus over the western horizon. Then they will whiz towards the northwestern horizon, where you will be able to see them just below the wheels of the Big Dipper” – he added.

Starlink satellites are placed in orbit around the Earth by the American company SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk. The constellation is to provide Internet access services all over the Earth. The aim of the project is to provide access to the network anywhere on the planet.

Starlinki over Poland. your relationships

On Thursday morning, a “space train” also flew over the Polish sky. Another group of SpaceX’s Starlink constellation satellites were clearly visible. We received the effects of your observations on Contact 24.

51 satellites launched

Where did Thursday’s flight come from? On Wednesday at 22.09 our time, the Falcon 9 rocket took off from California, carrying 51 Starlink telecommunications satellites into low Earth orbit. The launch took place from the US Space Force’s Vandenberg Base.

Heaven in MayMateusz Krymski/PAP

“With your head in the stars”, tvnmeteo.pl, Kontakt 24

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