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Start in Lower Silesia. PO and PiS start fighting for the region

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On Tuesday in Lower Silesia, the campaign battle of the titans began. Joachim Brudziński made his first decision as the new head of the PiS campaign – he moved the convention from Łódź to Bogatynia. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

The necessary equipment was to arrive at the Atlas Arena in Łódź, the hall was emptied – everything was ready for the party of Law and Justice activists on Saturday.

Law and Justice he is always close to human affairs and close to the problems of Poles. That is why, responding to the invitation of the inhabitants of Lower Silesia, the staff decided to change the formula and place of our Saturday event” – argues Joachim Brudziński on Twitter.

The resignation from the PiS convention in Łódź is the first decision of the new PiS chief of staff. Unofficially, there is talk of changing the place to Bogatynia and the surrounding area Turów mine. – Soon everything will be clear – reassures Mirosława Stachowiak-Różecka from PiS.

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Tusk in Wroclaw

Of the quite unexpected changes in the PiS campaign, the malice of the chairman of the Civic Platform was less unexpected. – This is a very interesting debut of the new leadership of the campaign: to offend both Lower Silesia and Łódź at the same time – assesses the chairman Donald Tusk. – I do not know how the inhabitants of Lodz felt and to say something even more provocative, that here in Lower Silesia they feel at home – he adds.

The PO leader has his rally in Wrocław on Saturday – it will be one of three meetings of Donald Tusk in Lower Silesia. – There are more and more people. There are gigantic crowds at meetings with Donald Tusk, points out Adam Szłapka from the Civic Coalition.

This is the first region where the Civic Coalition will spend as many as six days and the first one that will be the place of the first direct confrontation between the PO and PiS in this election campaign.

Donald TuskTomasz Golla/PAP/EPA

PiS with a new staff

– There will be a new action that should bring us greater benefits – announces Kazimierz Smoliński from PiS. Those of the ruling party, after the recent campaign activities, are now indispensable.

Jolanta Turczynowicz-Kieryłło, former chief of staff Andrzej Duda, believes that politicians “unnecessarily fuel emotions only to polarize society and win.” – The only positive aspect recently was the June 4 march – he believes.

Joachim Brudzinski, the new head of the electoral staff, is to help bring the PiS campaign under control. They will also support the election campaign in terms of organization Adam Bielan.

Both politicians were already in the election staff of Law and Justice – it was when PiS won the elections to the Sejm and when Andrzej Duda became president. – We are running in this formula, which has brought us success in all elections since 2014, i.e. in the formula of the United Right, and this is also reflected in the shape of the staff – emphasizes Bielan.

In the near future, the Law and Justice staff will also be joined by a man from Zbigniew Ziobro. – We are very close to such a final agreement – informs Deputy Minister of Justice Michał Woś, associated with Sovereign Poland.

The new old opening for the United Right is to wait until Saturday – although the ruling party is not waiting for everything. In Lower Silesia, the election campaign has already begun. There you can see the banner of the former head of the prime minister’s office and Lower Silesian MP Michał Dworczyk – informing not that PiS built the road, but announced a tender for it.

A difficult region for the Civic Platform

Grzegorz Schetyna from Platforma Obywatelska, when asked how much PiS poses a threat to his party in Lower Silesia, answers that “this is a difficult region, because they are obviously very strong here.” – They have non-partisan local government officials in the coalition – he explains.

Lower Silesia is not the only difficult region, which is why Donald Tusk today left no doubt that “no one will be delighted with your individual result if we lose the election”.

The PO leader explained that the politicians of the Civic Coalition must also be ready to reshuffle the electoral lists. Donald Tusk’s next stop in Lower Silesia will be Jelenia Góra on Thursday.

Main photo source: Tomasz Golla/PAP/EPA

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