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Starter apartment. Conditions. For whom. Consultations have started

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Consultations on the Mieszkanie na start program have begun, the aim of which is to support Poles in purchasing a flat, the Ministry of Development announced on social media on Thursday. As announced, the program would start in the second half of 2024.

The Ministry of Development and Technology announced on Thursday on the X platform (formerly Twitter) that consultations regarding the Mieszkanie na start program have started. The Ministry emphasized that this is a program addressed to Polish families who want to buy a house or apartment. “As we announced, the voice of society is extremely important to us, which is why today we are hosting experts dealing with the topic at the Ministry of Energy and Tourism. This is the first in a series of meetings we have planned,” the ministry announced. – I want this program to be good and meet the housing needs of Poles. Of course, we are aware that the proposal (…) will not solve all the problems of borrowers, so we will work on other support instruments – announced the Minister of Development and Technology, Krzysztof Hetman, during the consultations, quoted in the entry by the Ministry of Energy and Technology.

The Mieszkanie na Start program is scheduled to launch in the second half of 2024Shutterstock

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Starter apartment. Assumptions of the new program

Last week, the head of the Ministry of Development and Technology presented the assumptions of the new government program. The Ministry indicated that it will be the successor to the Safe Credit 2% program. As announced, the new program would be launched in the second half of 2024, and PLN 0.5 billion was secured for its implementation in the draft budget for this year. According to calculations by the Ministry of Energy and Technology, approximately 50,000 borrowers may benefit from the new support. people. According to the assumptions, those eligible for the loan will be: singles who are under 35 years of age; people who have at least one child (no age limit); persons who did not have and do not have their own apartment or single-family house (unless the apartment they own is a share of no more than 50% in the ownership right to the apartment or cooperative ownership right to the premises, obtained by inheritance or donation); people who have one apartment and their household includes at least three children. The program also provides for subsidies for loan installments taken until the end of 2025. Installment subsidies are to be valid for 10 years and vary depending on the size of the household. The subsidy will reduce the loan interest rate to: 1.5%. in the case of one-person and two-person households; 1 percent in the case of a three-person household; 0.5 percent in the case of a four-person household; 0 percent in the case of a five-person or larger household and in the case of loans granted as a consumer loan to cover the costs of participation in SIM/TBS or a housing contribution in a housing cooperative.

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Income criterion in the Mieszkanie na start program

The condition for obtaining subsidies for installments is: income criterion based on tax threshold (PLN 120,000 gross). This criterion will be modified as the number of household members increases: 10,000. PLN gross per month for a single-person household; 18 thousand PLN per month for a two-person household; 23 thousand PLN for a three-person household; 28 thousand PLN for a four-person household; 33 thousand PLN per month for a five-person or larger household. The Ministry explained that exceeding the limits would not mean exclusion from the program, and subsidies would be reduced accordingly. The program assumes that the loan amount will not be limited, but the subsidy will be charged only on a specific amount of capital. “Such rules will mean that a borrower in a two-person household who takes out a loan for an amount of e.g. PLN 450,000 (i.e. higher than the threshold of PLN 400,000 for such a household) will receive a subsidy calculated as if the loan was PLN 400,000. PLN,” the ministry indicated. In the case of a single-person household, the loan amount for which the subsidy would be due is PLN 200,000. PLN, for a 2-person room – PLN 400,000. PLN, for a 3-person room – PLN 450,000. PLN, for a 4-person room – PLN 500,000. PLN, and for a 5-person room – PLN 600,000. zloty. For each additional person in the household, the limit is to increase by another PLN 100,000. zloty.

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