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Starter apartment. New housing program of the Tusk government. Details

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The “Mieszkanie na start” program will assume an income criterion – said the Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman. The ministry assumes that 50,000 loans will be granted in 2024 under the new program. The subsidy for the loan in the Starter Apartment will depend on the size of the household, as will the loan amount.

For a 1- and 2-person household, the loan subsidy will be 1.5%, for a 3-person household it will be 1%, for a 4-person household it will be 0.5%, and for a 5-person household it will be 0%.

The amount of the loan under the program will also depend on the size of the household. For a single-person household it will be PLN 200,000. PLN, for a 2-person room PLN 400,000. PLN, for a 3-person room PLN 450,000. PLN, for a 4-person room PLN 500,000. PLN, and for a 5-person room PLN 600,000. zloty.

– We are introducing income limits, this is one of the elements that would mean that this program will be targeted at those people who have the greatest problem with obtaining funds for their first apartment – said the Minister of Development and Technology, Krzysztof Hetman, on Thursday.

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– Our proposal assumes that for a 1-person household the limit is PLN 10,000. gross, 2-seater – PLN 18,000 gross, for a 3-person room PLN 23,000 gross, for 4 people 28 thousand gross, for a 5-person room PLN 33,000 gross – he added.

“We are working on a 0 percent loan”

We are working on a 0 percent loan, which is one of the components related to housing. Next are funds for local governments for the renovation of vacant buildings and subsidies for rent – said the vice-chairman of the KO club, Konrad Frysztak, on Wednesday.

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Earlier, the Ministry of Development and Technology announced that the statutory total limit for 2023 and 2024 on subsidies to the Safe Credit will be 2%. has been exhausted. It was added that the ministry is intensively working on a new formula for supporting borrowers.

As of December 28, the number of applications under the Safe Credit 2% program. exceeded 100,000 – Agnieszka Wachnicka, vice-president of the Polish Bank Association, announced on Wednesday on social media. She recalled that the recruitment of applications had already been officially suspended. “We are waiting for the decision whether and in what form the program will be continued,” she added.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak/PAP

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