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Starter apartment. The fate of the program is in doubt

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The government's flagship housing program is in doubt. The work is stalling and he is severely criticized by the Left. If there is no “Mieszkanie na start” program, the market will stabilize and apartment prices will fall – informs in Wednesday's edition of “Rzeczpospolita”.

There is no end in sight to the work on the “Apartment to Start” program. Consultations have been extended until the end of May. Unofficially, you can hear that the new Minister of Development, Krzysztof Paszyk, z PSLwho headed the ministry as part of the recent government reconstruction, “will make final decisions on the fate of the entire project later.”

At the moment, no project variant has been decided.

The position of deputy minister of development for construction, vacated by Krzysztof Kukucki from the Left, who became the president of Włocławek, is still vacant – reports Wednesday's “Rzeczpospolita”.

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“The situation is strange, it doesn't help anyone”

– Information noise, uncertainty. The situation is strange, it does not benefit anyone. Developers don't know what, when, to whom and under what conditions they can offer. They don't know how long they can reserve apartments for. If there is no program, a number of contracts will be 'derailed' – this is how the expert Jan Dziekoński, founder of the FLTR.pl portal, describes the situation related to the program, quoted by the daily. Dziekoński sharply criticizes the draft program, claiming that it is “populist and political prosthesis that does not solve the housing problems of less wealthy Poles.” In his opinion, instead of pouring money into the market, we need to first develop a systemic program to balance demand and supply. He explains that this can be done by increasing not only the offer of apartments for purchase, but also for rent, the newspaper reports.

Apartment for starters is a government program intended to increase the availability of mortgage loans granted for the purchase of one's own apartment or house by paying additional money from the state budget to the installment. READ MORE >>>

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