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Monday, September 20, 2021

Stary Bubel, Gnojno. Father Marcin Chudzik makes socks to earn money to renovate the church. Now he has written and published a book

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Father Marcin Chudzik became famous for knitting socks for several years, thus collecting money for the renovation of the church in Stary Bubl (Lublin Province). Now – to fund church funds – he had another idea. He decided to write a book.

– This year, the parish applied to the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport for PLN 140,000. We got half. This is enough to restore the formwork and cover three of the four walls of the temple with it. The fourth wall with the roof of the main entrance is about PLN 35,000. There is still work to be done around the temple. I am forced to get this money in a different way – says Father Marcin Chudzik, who has been the pastor of St. Antoni Padewski in Gnojno.

The parish has 484 people. They are mainly farmers and retirees and pensioners. The priest looks after two historic churches – a brick one in Gnojno and a wooden one in Stary Bubl.

The windows and the roof have already been replaced

The parish priest wrote a book which is a collection of meditations on Saint Joseph. The copies will go to the donors (photo from August 31, 2021)Father Marcin Chudzik

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In the latter temple, the windows and the roof have been replaced in recent years. The parish priest is famous for collecting funds for repairs through online auctions, where he has been displaying his handmade wool socks since 2017.

– I saw my grandmother and great-grandmother knitting. In elementary school, I also learned it in technical classes. During these three years I have already gained a certain skill – he said in December last year in an interview with tvn24.pl.

As part of the auction, there were payments of up to PLN 500 for a pair of socks (photo from the spring auction)Father Marcin Chudzik

He said that if there are no other activities, one pair is formed in a maximum of three evenings. – And in previous auctions, there were payments of up to PLN 500 per pair. Many people, hearing about the renovation, also supported the campaign with payments to the account. These socks are a form of thanks for the donations received – he emphasized.

He has published a book, he is planning further renovations

New auctions will start in mid-November. Meanwhile, the priest came up with another idea to finance the repairs.


The first socks auctions were organized by the priest in 2017 (photo from December 2020) Father Marcin Chudzik

– It started when the organizers of this year’s Drohiczyn Pilgrimage to Jasna Góra Monastery asked me to write sermons for spiritual pilgrims. That is, those faithful who, for various reasons, could not go to Jasna Góra, and who – during the pilgrimage – gather in their parishes for evening services. The figure around which I am thinking is Saint Joseph. Although he remains in the shadow of Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and never speaks in the Holy Scriptures, he is the head of the family – says the priest.

A priest collects money for the renovation of the facade of the church in Stary Bubl (photo from August 31, 2021)Father Marcin Chudzik

Meditations on St. Josephus found their way to the book, which is to be sent to all those who will support the renovation of the temple. – So far I have received the first printed copies, which will soon reach those who supported their printing – emphasizes Fr. Skinny.

Further renovations are planned. – The electrics in the church in Stary Bubel urgently need to be replaced. On the other hand, our second temple requires repair of the roof structure – emphasizes the priest.

The Church of Saint John the Evangelist is located in Stary Bubel in the Janów Podlaski commune

Main photo source: Father Marcin Chudzik

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