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State Forests, draft resolution of the Sejm in defense of forests. KO MPs: Solidarna Polska is the pest

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Polish forests should not be protected from the European Commission, but from pests such as Solidarna Polska. PiS does not defend Polish forests, but seats in the State Forests, said MPs of the Civic Coalition at a conference in the Sejm.

On Friday, MPs from the Civic Coalition organized a press conference on the resolution “on the defense of Polish forests” being considered in the Sejm that day. In this project, by the group PiS deputiesit was written, among other things, that the Sejm “recognizes that forestry and forest management should remain the sole responsibility of individual EU member states”.

As Klaudia Jachira said, the title of the resolution is misleading. – We should debate the resolution on the defense of Polish forests against the governments of the United Right, and above all against the team of Solidarna Polska – she said.

According to the KO and the Greens MP, “for years we have seen a predatory forest policy carried out by activists associated with Solidarna Polska.”

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Are European officials cutting down Polish forests?

Jachira added that as MPs, they receive a huge number of signals “about the logging of forests on an unprecedented scale”. – Yes, we are in favor of the Sejm adopting a resolution in defense of Polish forests, but against politicians and members of the United Right Jachira said.

She reminded that the resolution was intended to protect Polish forests against the European Union. – Are European officials cutting down Polish forests and destroying Polish heritage? Jachira asked. – No, ladies and gentlemen, the politicized State Forests are responsible for this, which is a state within the state and conducts a predatory forest policy – she argued.

KO, as she emphasized, calls for an increase in legally protected forest areas and the creation of new national parks, so that forests are not just a “board factory”. – We must do everything to ensure that Polish forests belong to citizens and not to Solidarna Polska – said Jachira.

“PiS does not defend Polish forests, only seats in the State Forests”

The co-chairman of the Greens, Urszula Zielińska, also emphasized that “Polish forests should not be protected from the European Commission, which, seeing what is happening in Polish forests, is trying to strengthen their protection.” – Polish forests need to be protected against pests such as Solidarity Poland she added.

– Enlarging the protected areas is one of the priorities that the democratic parties will deal with immediately after the elections – announced Zielińska. In her opinion, “the most important thing is to restore social control over state forests.”

Also Agnieszka Pomaska ​​z AFTER she argued that “PiS does not defend Polish forests, but only stools in the State Forests”.

“It’s a classic example of a thief shouting catch the thief,” she said. – We will give the resolution the right shape during the parliamentary debate – announced Pomaska.

Main photo source: TVN24

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