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State of emergency at the border. Tourism counts losses

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The state of emergency on the border with Belarus caused Podlasie tourism companies in the vicinity of the closed area to lose up to 50 percent of their visitors, the management board of the Podlasie Branch of the Polish Chamber of Tourism reported. The Chamber believes that support for companies outside the zone and the tourism industry may be needed.

Eugeniusz Ławreniuk, the vice-president of the Podlasie branch of PIT, told PAP, entrepreneurs who were covered by the state of emergency announced in September, lost 100 percent. guests. – Fortunately, they are entitled to compensation in the amount of 65 percent. monthly income from the summer months. Companies from outside the closed area, although they also lost half of their reservations, are not entitled to any compensation – he emphasized.

State of emergency at the border. Tourism counts losses

According to the expert, September and October were largely lost for Podlasie tourism, in November the traffic is smaller, so the losses are not severe.

– Now we are waiting for the formal end of the state of emergency, which is to take place on December 2 this year. and we will see what will happen next – added Katarzyna Turosieńska, president of the Podlasie branch of PIT. “As we observe developments at the border, we suspect that the state of emergency in some form will be prolonged,” she said.

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According to her, local entrepreneurs are afraid of this. – We wonder what about the holiday season? We are afraid that people will not want to come here, and I’m not just talking about those places close to the border that are under the state of emergency, because Podlasie loses its image in terms of its image, she pointed out.


She pointed out that the pandemic itself slightly decimated the Podlasie tourism industry, which was also felt by the Chamber, which currently includes over 20 companies. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office of Poland (GUS), in 2019 there were 286 tourist accommodation establishments in Podlasie, offering approx. 15 thousand. places. Ławreniuk added that there are about 90 travel agencies and transport companies.

The representatives of the Chamber emphasize that entrepreneurs are aware that this crisis on the border is not the fault of the government. – The government, however, must take into account that this unique and difficult situation goes beyond the border zone several kilometers long. Therefore, it should expand the scope and area of ​​support for the region – explained Ławreniuk.

He added that if the crisis on the border lasts longer, the Chamber will seek support for tourist entrepreneurs from outside the border restricted zone, but also for support from companies outside the tourism industry itself. – It is not only tourism that is losing in connection with the events at the border – he emphasized.

The situation on the Polish-Belarusian border

From September 2, due to the migratory pressure in the border zone with Belarus in 183 localities in the voivodeship In Podlasie and Lublin regions, a state of emergency is in force. It was introduced for 30 days under the ordinance of President Andrzej Duda, issued at the request of the Council of Ministers. The Seym agreed to extend the state of emergency for another 60 days.

Crossings on the Polish-Belarusian borderPAP / Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

Main photo source: Fotokon / Shutterstock

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