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Statement by Jewish organizations regarding “the use of the most tragic pages of history in political struggle”

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We appeal to all politicians to avoid the instrumental use of history, Jewish organizations operating in Poland wrote in a statement on Wednesday. As it was added, “political struggle cannot be a pretext to tarnish the memory of millions of victims of World War II.”

“We, representatives of Jewish organizations, oppose the use of the most tragic pages of European history, and in particular the Holocaust of the Jews, in the current political struggle” – reads Wednesday’s statement.

The signatories – Jewish organizations operating in Poland – appealed “to all parliamentary groups to publicly condemn such behavior.”

“We appeal to all politicians to avoid the instrumental use of history. We ask the state services to effectively put there any similar behavior that is based on open or hidden anti-Semitism, and ultimately leads to violence and suffering” – it was emphasized in statement.

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“Political struggle cannot be a pretext”

“In recent days, we have witnessed an unprecedented use of the deaths of millions of Jews in the current political struggle by various sides of the political scene. It takes various forms: from ‘innocent’ tweets, through press articles, political spots, to verbal and physical attacks by MPs of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland on professors dealing with the subject of the Holocaust,” the statement reads.

According to the signatories, the behavior of representatives of the Polish political scene “brings to mind the darkest years of the interwar period, when far-right politicians openly built their political capital on intolerance, chauvinism and anti-Semitism.”

“All these behaviors are another proof that knowledge about the Holocaust in Poland is insufficient, or even negligible. We are of the opinion that independent research on the Holocaust should be developed in Poland in such a way as to create a solid basis for discussion and polemics. there is nothing wrong with a dispute, as long as it is conducted with respect for the other side and based on facts, not emotions” – we read in the document, which also emphasizes that “political struggle cannot be an excuse to tarnish the memory of millions victims of the Second World War.

Statement of Jewish organizations

Spot of Law and Justice

Earlier on Wednesday, a spot was published in the social media of Law and Justice, which used shots from the German Nazi concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau and the entry of journalist Tomasz Lis on Twitter.

The PiS material was published in the context of the opposition march that will pass through Warsaw on June 4.

The clip was criticized by the Auschwitz Museum. The president also addressed the issue Andrzej Duda. “The memory of the victims of German crimes in Auschwitz is sacred and inviolable. The tragedy of millions of victims cannot be used in political struggle. It is an unworthy action and there is no excuse for it,” he wrote on Twitter.

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