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Stężyca. After two scandals, mayor Tomasz Brzoskowski lost the local elections

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Tomasz Brzoskowski lost the second round of local elections for the mayor of the Stężyca commune (Pomeranian Voivodeship). The local government official is leaving after two scandals, which we described in tvn24.pl and which have cast a shadow over his rule in recent months. The office is given to Ireneusz Stencel, who obtained 56.69 percent. support.

Ireneusz Stencel from KWW Residents for the Stężyca Commune won the election for the mayor of this commune in Pomerania (Kartusz County) in the second round of local government elections, obtaining 56.69%. votes (2,809). His opponent, the current mayor of Stężyca, Tomasz Brzoskowski from KWW Razem dla Powiatu i Gmin, obtained 43.31 percent. votes (2146).

Łukasz Wysocki, running for mayor from the Łączy Nas Gmina Stężyca committee, did not make it to the second round. In the first round, 14.7 percent voted for him. voters.

Mayor of Stężyca Tomasz BrzoskowskiTomasz Słomczyński

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This is a big change for the commune, because Brzoskowski did not have an opponent in the local elections in 2010, 2014 and 2018. Residents voted for or against him. Six years ago, he received the support of more than 3,200 voters. Now, in the second round, he got over 1,000 votes less.

The election of the mayor of Stężyca in the shadow of scandals

Among other things, the rule of the outgoing mayor Brzoskowski in the commune was overshadowed by other issues, which was described by our journalist Tomasz Słomczyński on the tvn24.pl website. It was about violence at the Football Academy, which the coach allegedly committed against his players, and also about the commune's financing of a water pipeline to the bishop's residence in Sikorzyn.

Słomczyński determined that the mayor was to be informed about the coach's vulgar behavior. However, in an interview with our journalist, he denied that any complaints had been filed against the man. Coach Michał C. was indicted after our articleshe may be fined or restricted – according to the president of the football club and the school principal, he no longer works with young people.

The second case described by tvn24.pl concerns: a palace built on a private plot of the bishop of the Pelpin diocese, Ryszard Kasyna. According to the issued building permit, the building should be an agricultural farm. Słomczyński also learned that the Commune Enterprise, subordinated to the mayor, built the bishop's water supply system for free – although the obligation to cover the costs of building the connection lies with the property owner.

Bishop Ryszard Kasyna is building a residence in SikorzynKatarzyna Czupryńska-Chabros/Fakty po Południu TVN24

Just a few days before the elections, municipal officials were unable to precisely answer the question whether the bishop, who owned the property, paid for the water supply.

Main photo source: Tomasz Słomczyński

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