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Stiff muscles, worse eyesight – these may be symptoms of multiple sclerosis. It is being treated better and better

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From April 1, people with multiple sclerosis (MS) will have an easier time. They will be able to receive drugs subcutaneously, not just intravenously. In three-quarters of cases, women under the age of 45 suffer from MS. With new information about drug administration, it is worth remembering that treatment should be started as soon as possible, because it is effective only at the beginning of the disease.

Mrs. Paulina Czech, although she always cared about her health, suddenly began to lose her eyesight. – I couldn't see out of my eye, the eye was blurry. I thought it was because of swimming in the pool, says the woman. But it wasn't a swimming pool. Similarly to Mrs. Agnieszka Gadecka's problems, magnesium deficiency was not the cause. – I started to fall and I stopped lying to myself, and there is a reason for this, because it is not a lack of magnesium – says Ms. Agnieszka.

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Stiff muscles, simple fatigue, headache and many other underestimated symptoms may also be the beginning of multiple sclerosis. – What bothered me most was my balance disorders and the fact that I lost consciousness and felt weak, but no doctor associated it with multiple sclerosis – recalls Monika Łada, president of the StwardzenieRozsiane.info Foundation.

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Three-quarters of multiple sclerosis cases are women, and those who are active – under 45 years of age. Multiple sclerosis, by destroying eyesight and taking away the use of limbs, can quickly deprive them of this activity, so they should not miss the chance for treatment, because it is effective only at the beginning of the disease.

– The patient has the first symptoms and should go to a neurologist to be diagnosed, and then there is no major problem with starting treatment – says Prof. Bartosz Karaszewski, neurologist from the University Medical Center in Gdańsk.

Karolina Gruszka about multiple sclerosis. The actress talked about her illnessGood morning TVN

For many patients it is too late

In Poland, we currently have many reimbursed drugs that, although they do not cure multiple sclerosis, effectively inhibit its development. – Great progress has been made here and we now have great opportunities to control this disease. The situation is completely different than it was a dozen or so years ago – emphasizes Prof. Krzysztof Selmaj, neurologist from the Neurology Center in Łódź.

In the past the situation was terrible. In 2000, “Fakty” TVN told the story of Mrs. Izabela, who suffered from multiple sclerosis. The disease was destroying her eyesight, and she spent a thousand zlotys a month on medicines at the pharmacy. It was a fortune back then. She could not afford the first drug that inhibits MS – already registered at that time, but not included on the reimbursement list. – There is not a single preparation that I take, therefore I will be chronically ill under the law, but both I and many other sick people will not gain much from it – said Mrs. Izabela Czarnecka-Walicka then.

The patient was found 24 years after the report. She has completely lost sight in one eye, has poor vision and hearing in the other, and uses a wheelchair. Now, however, she does not take the medications she dreamed of then and which are now available at her fingertips. – Now it's too late for me to undergo this treatment. There wasn't enough of it then, and now it's too late for me. Time has passed – explains Mrs. Izabela.

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