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Stoczek Łukowski. They heard allegations in the beating of a 33-year-old. They were supposed to take him to the forest and had him dig a grave

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They beat him with their fists and kicked him all over his body, and then they took him to the forest and ordered him to dig his own grave. This follows from the account of a 33-year-old who was attacked in Stoczek Łukowski (Lubelskie Voivodeship) by several men he did not know. The police detained three suspects. The fourth volunteered himself.

The beating took place on Friday (December 6) in the late evening hours in the center of Stoczek Łukowski in the Łuków poviat. The 33-year-old was attacked by several men he did not know.

“The victim’s report showed that the attackers beat him with their fists and kicked him all over the body” – informs in the communication staff assistant Marcin Józwik from the District Police Headquarters in Łuków.

The police detained the suspectsLublin Police

On their way to the forest, they stopped at the property of one of them and took a spade

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He adds that later they dragged him to the car and tried to throw him in the trunk. Eventually, however, they pushed him into the back seat and beat him again while driving.

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“At that time, they stopped near the property of one of them and took a spade with them. When they all went to the forest, they threw the 33-year-old out of the vehicle and, beating him again, ordered them to dig a grave for themselves,” the policeman describes.

He did not inform the uniformed officers until two days later

Although at some point the 33-year-old was exhausted, the torturers abused and threatened him. Later, they pushed him back into the car and dumped him on the outskirts of Stoczek Łukowski.

They were supposed to beat the 33-year-old and then take him to the forest Lublin Police

The man returned home and informed the police about the incident two days later. They interrogated witnesses and secured many traces and evidence.

One went into hiding for a few days, but later turned himself in to the police

They determined that 21, 22 and 24-year-olds from the commune of Stoczek Łukowski and their 28-year-old colleague from the commune of Krzywda may be related to the case.

They were charged with beatings, imprisonment and making threatsLublin Police

Three of them were detained. The fourth went into hiding for several days, but later turned himself in to the police.

They face up to five years in prison

“Everyone has already heard the charges: beatings, imprisonment and threats” – points out Asp. pcs. Jozwik.

The 21, 22 and 28-year-olds will spend the next three months in pre-trial detention. The 24-year-old was taken into police custody. All face up to five years in prison.

Main photo source: Lublin Police

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