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Stoltenberg in Munich: the world has become a more dangerous place, but NATO has also become stronger

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Our deterrence remains credible. We do not see any military threat against any of the NATO member states, said the Alliance’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Saturday during the Munich Security Conference. – Militarily we are stronger than Russia – he added.

– We cannot take peace for granted, but it is worth emphasizing that we do not see a direct threat to any of the allies FOR THIS. The world has become a more dangerous place, but NATO has also become stronger, Stoltenberg emphasized.

– NATO’s goal is to prevent war, to ensure that no one in Moscow miscalculates the Alliance’s readiness and determination to defend all its members, and to make clear that an attack on one NATO member will trigger the fallout of the entire Alliance. As long as this message is clearly conveyed to Moscow, no ally will be attacked, said the NATO Secretary General.

– Our deterrence remains credible, hence we do not see any military threat against any NATO member state, Stoltenberg said.

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Jens Stoltenberg in MunichPAP/EPA/RONALD WITTEK

“Militarily we are stronger than Russia”

He recalled that in 2014, at the NATO summit in Newport Wales, the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance gathered there decided to strive to spend 2%. GDP for defense in their countries.

– I remember thinking then: this is just another commitment made by politicians at an international conference and nothing concrete will come of it. Meanwhile, a lot has changed in this area. All NATO members increased defense spending. We expect that 18 NATO member states (out of 31) will achieve the 2% target this year. GDP. There were three such countries in 2014, the Norwegian noted, noting that “not everything is fine”, but “we are on the right path”.

Stoltenberg assessed that NATO is the world’s greatest military power.

– We represent about 50 percent. all the military power of the world. Militarily we are stronger than Russia – he declared, but also pointed to the “serious gaps” it revealed war in Ukraine: problems with keeping weapons in proper condition, lack of ammunition, equipment service. – So now we are focusing on increasing production – he concluded Jens Stoltenberg.

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Main photo source: PAP/EPA/RONALD WITTEK

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