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Storkowo. The car hit a bison. Two people were admitted to the hospital. The animal had to be shot

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In the town of Storkowo (West Pomeranian Voivodeship), a passenger car collided with a bison crossing the road. Two people were taken to the hospital. The hunter decided that the seriously injured animal should be shot.

The application was received by the services on Sunday, June 5, around 10 am. In the village of Storkowo in the Stargard poviat, a passenger car crashed into a bison crossing the road.

The car hit a bisonVolunteer Fire Department Insko

The driver was sober

– There was another person in the vehicle besides the driver. Both were taken to the hospital. The woman was sober – says senior aspirant Krzysztof Wojsznarowicz from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Stargard.

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He adds that a forester and a hunter were called to the site.

The animal was seriously injured

The bison had to be shot offVolunteer Fire Department Insko

– By the decision of the hunter, the bison was shot because of serious injuries – he points out.

Apart from the police, there were also firefighters from PSP Stargard and OSP Ińsko. The help of the Polish Medical Air Rescue and rescue teams from Chociwel and Łobez was also needed.

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The Air Ambulance Service was calledVolunteer Fire Department Insko

The incident took place in the village of Storkowo in the Stargard poviat

Main photo source: Volunteer Fire Department Insko

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