Storms hit Bulgaria. Two people are dead


Violent storms swept across northeastern Bulgaria. Two people died as a result of the natural disaster, Bulgarian media reported. A tornado formed between the cities of Razgrad and Silistra.

Strong winds accompanying Saturday’s storms tore off the roofs of houses in several Bulgarian towns, and walls collapsed under the pressure of the water. The violent aura most affected the Smolyan, Razgrad and Silistra regions. Many towns there were left without electricity. While storms there was also heavy rain, which turned the streets into raging torrents.

Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) reported that two people died as a result of the disaster – a 51-year-old resident of Razvigorovo and a 67-year-old man from Veliky Preslav.

The head of the national fire service, Alexander Zhirtov, announced that over 300 reports of various damage, flooding and impassable roads were reported to the emergency telephones. A state of natural disaster has been declared in the area of ​​the city of Silistra.

The tornado damaged the roofs of houses

On Saturday, around noon, a tornado appeared in north-eastern Bulgaria. A swirling funnel has formed between the cities of Razgrad and Silistra. The strong wind accompanying the disaster damaged the roofs of houses, broke branches and uprooted trees. Windows were broken in some buildings. Power lines were also broken in some places and there was no electricity.

The Bulgarian meteorological service has issued level 2 warnings about the dangerous weather.


Main photo source: Weather Track EU/Twitter

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