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Storms in Poland. A rain and storm front passes over the country. Which regions will it cover? Weather on Friday 23.06

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The weather in Poland is not calm today. IMGW forecasters have issued meteorological warnings against storms, and an RCB alert has been sent. In the coming hours, the front carrying a dangerous aura will move over other parts of the country.

At night, a rainy atmospheric front, associated with the Lambert low, reached our country. Storm clouds have developed in some places. Discharges from the early Friday hours pass over Poland. On Contact 24 we receive photos and recordings from you. In many regions of the country, the presence of a squall shaft in the sky is a harbinger of thunderstorms.

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Downpours, storms and hail

For now, this is still a foretaste of what may await us in the coming hours. Damian Zdonek, weather forecaster at tvnmeteo.pl, informed on Thursday that the storms will move from the western regions, through the center, and in the second part of the day they will also cover the east of Poland. In places, the phenomena will be intense – downpours of up to 40 liters of water per square meter, gusty winds reaching up to 70-90 kilometers per hour, as well as hail are expected. However, due to the nature of the forecast weather events, the appearance of tornadoes, flooding and flooding cannot be ruled out.

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In the video below you can see how the front will traverse our country in the following hours:

Forecast storms in Poland 23.06.23ventusky.com

The most important services warn

Synoptics of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management have been informing about the possibility of such strong discharges for many hours. On Friday morning, they increased the severity of storm alerts for parts of the country. The phenomena are accompanied by hail and heavy rain.

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How to behave during a thunderstorm in the forestNational forests

In addition, experts from the Government Security Center also warn against the weather. An SMS was sent to those residing in several provinces RCB alert. In the message, the services appealed to be careful and secure things that can be blown away by the wind.

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Storm safety rulesRCB

Main photo source: Contact 24

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