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Storms in Poland. Broken trees, torn roofs, huge hail

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Poland is experiencing storms on Sunday, which are violent in some places. Strong winds in Uniechów, Pomerania, tore off several roofs and destroyed a barn on one property. Trees were broken in Piła, Wielkopolska. In Kłodzko County, lightning struck a single-family home, injuring three people. The storms are accompanied by very large hail.

The regulations apply throughout the country. storm warnings issued by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management. In the belt from Pomerania, through Greater Poland, to the Opole region, these are the highest level of warnings. In these regions, weather phenomena can be the most violent. The Government Security Center announced the alert for 11 voivodeships.

Almost 1900 interventions

By 9 p.m., firefighters had received 1,847 calls related to removing the effects of strong winds and flooding of buildings and streets, reported on Sunday the spokesman for the Chief Commander of the State Fire Service, Senior Brigadier Karol Kierzkowski.

The largest number of incidents occurred in the following voivodeships: Greater Poland – 588 (Koło County – 222, Piła County – 96), Pomeranian – 259, Silesian – 186, Łódź – 171, Opole – 153, Lower Silesian – 147 and Kuyavian-Pomeranian – 103. As Kierzkowski reported, Throughout the country, firefighters recorded 79 reports of damaged residential and farm buildings. Most of them were in the province. Greater Poland – 30, including 28 in Piła County. There were 20 such events in the Kłobuck district in the Silesian Voivodeship.

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The wind tore off roofs in Pomerania

In Pomerania, the most difficult situation was in the Człuchów district. – In the town of Uniechów in the Człuchów district, several roofs were torn off buildings – said the spokesman for the Provincial Commander of the State Fire Service in Gdańsk Capt. Jakub Friedenberger. He added that no one was injured as a result of these events.

A barn on one of the properties was destroyed during the storm. – Wait a minute and you couldn't even see when. I looked and didn't even see her fly away – said the owner. – There was such a noise, it was dark, it was raining so much that you couldn't see anything – he said.

Wind damaged roofs and destroyed a barn in UniechówTVN24

Fallen trees in Piła

The firefighters had their hands full Pile (Greater Poland Voivodeship). According to the press officer of the local State Fire Service, junior brigadier Paweł Kamiński, after 3.30 p.m. two storms occurred over the city. – The second storm lasted three and a half minutes but caused a lot of damage. Several roofs were torn off, trees were fallen, fortunately no one was injured, he said. The officer on duty at the Road Information Point in the Poznań branch of GDDKiA reported that around 4.30 p.m. on the 178th kilometer of national road No. 11, on the section between Piła and Krępsko, fallen trees blocked the road in both directions. Normal traffic on the route was restored around 18.


At Kontakt 24 we received photos from Piła showing trees broken and torn away by strong winds. “The storm lasted a few minutes and this is the damage,” wrote an Internet user.

Storm in Piła (Greater Poland)


Lightning hit a house in Lower Silesia, the camp in the Opole region was evacuated

In Lower Silesia, firefighters were mainly dispatched to broken branches, most often in Oleśnica County. In places, water was seeping into properties.

In Domaszkowo in Kłodzko County, lightning struck a single-family home, causing the electrical installation to burn out. Three adults were slightly injured and are in hospital. Upon arrival, firefighters found no fire.

Due to the storm and branches on the traction network, train traffic on the Grabowno Wielkie-Bukowice Trzebnickie route was suspended and carriers were advised to introduce substitute transport.

Due to the storm, tourists were evacuated from Lake Nysa before 5 p.m. “We immediately started rescue operations, helping people reach the shore. We also towed several units to the marina,” WOPR reported. Nysa.

Rescue operation on Lake NysaWOPR Nysa

The largest number of accidents occurred in the Kędzierzyn-Koźle district. There, six cars were damaged when a tree fell over. A part of the roof tore off one of the shops. In addition, around 8:10 p.m. in Kucoby, 115 participants of a scout camp had to be evacuated. The camp director, knowing weather forecastdecided to evacuate to previously prepared buildings. The camp participants are safe, there are no injuries.

Large hail

The storms moving through the country are accompanied by large hail. Hailstones with a diameter of several centimeters fell, among others, in the town of Mariak in the province. Greater Poland.

Grad in Mariak, province. Greater Poland VoivodeshipStorm Observer Network/Beata

Grad in Łakociny, province. Greater Poland VoivodeshipStorm Observer Network/Mateusz

Grad in Czartki, province. Łódź provinceStorm Observer Network/Ola

Heavy hail in Drągów, province. Lower SilesiaAngelika Rosa

Heavy hail in the town of Drągów, Lower Silesian VoivodeshipAngelika Rosa

At Kontakt 24 we also received photos and recordings showing the effects of storms, among others, in Lębork and Ustka. As a result of the downpours, there were floods, strong winds broke branches.

A violent storm and heavy rain over Ustka
Malbork just before the storm
Storm in Koło (Greater Poland Voivodeship)

Kontakt 24, tvnmeteo.pl, PAP, TVN24

Main image source: TVN24

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