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Storms in Poland. Storm interventions. Pictures of storms

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Storms pass through Poland. Strong wind blows, heavy rain is falling. Hail the size of tennis balls fell in places. Due to the violent weather, firefighters have already intervened several hundred times. Their activities consist mainly in removing broken branches and boughs, pumping out water from flooded properties and cellars. At Kontakt 24 we received photos showing a dangerous aura.

On Friday, an active storm front passes through Poland from the west. It is thundering, raining, torrential in places, and strong winds blowing. Hail fell in places. Level 3 and Level 2 IMGW warnings apply.

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Over 160 interventions

On Friday morning, the spokesman for the State Fire Service, Brig. Karol Kierzkowski said that on Thursday firefighters went to 162 events related to the passage of a storm front through Poland. Most events were recorded in the Śląskie – 53, Łódzkie – 20 and Wielkopolskie – 17 provinces. He added that from midnight to 7 am on Friday, the largest number of such interventions was carried out in the Dolnośląskie – 46, Lubuskie – 21 and Wielkopolskie – 21 provinces.

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There are more interventions every hour.


An accident in Silesia

A 50-year-old railway worker was hospitalized on Friday morning after being struck by lightning at the railway station in Gierałtowice in the Gliwice poviat. A man with injuries typical of paralysis – heart pain and paralysis of the hand – was transported to the hospital – said junior assistant Krzysztof Pochwatka from the Gliwice police.

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Due to Friday’s thunderstorms in In the Silesian Voivodeship, the fire brigade has intervened more than 70 times so far. “The interventions primarily concern the removal of windbreaks and pumping water from flooded roads and properties” – said the spokeswoman for the Silesian fire brigade. Aneta Golebiowska.

On Kontakt 24 we received photos of the squall embankment that swept over Niegowoniczkach (Silesian Voivodeship) around 7.30.

As explained by tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Daniel Kowalczyk, a squall ridge (arcus) is a special form of cloud accompanying storms. It occurs most often at the border of storm fronts and in supercells, at the front edge of the storm zone. In the area of ​​its occurrence, there is usually gusty winds and heavy rainfall.

We also received photos of the storm from Katowice. As reported by Reporter 24 with the nickname Basti, around 7 a.m. a squall embankment came over the city. “15 minutes later it was as dark as night and a wall of water,” she said.

The squall embankment was also visible above the A1 motorway near Piekary Śląskie.

As reported by Reporter 24, Mr. Andrzej, in Miechowice in Bytom after half an hour of intense thunder, calm reigned.

Storms over the Land of Lodz

During heavy rainfall, water flooded some streets in the center of Radomsko. Officials say there are no more traffic disruptions.

Mr. Mariusz sent 24 photos of storm clouds to Contact, which at 7 were visible over Piotrków Trybunalski.

Interventions in Podkarpacie

Violent aura also visited Podkarpacie.

– Firefighters went to remove the effects of intense storms that passed over Podkarpacie more than 80 times – said Maciej Betleja from the State Fire Service on Friday afternoon in Rzeszów. – Our activities consisted mainly in removing broken branches, boughs and trees lying on roadways, pavements, properties, as well as on power lines – he added.

In addition, firefighters helped secure one roof of a residential building in Łańcut poviat. – We pumped water out of flooded cellars and properties, cleared road culverts – remarked Betleja. As he reported, the most interventions were recorded in the following districts: Rzeszów, Łańcut, Dębicki and Ropczycko-Sędziszów. “Fortunately, no one was hurt and no one was injured,” the firefighter added.

Interventions in PodkapracieTVN24

In places it looked like a tropical storm was raging outside the window. Watch the video:

Downpour in Podkarpacie

Downpour in PodkarpacieStormwatcher Network

Thunderstorms over Rzeszów, 23.06.23PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

Thunderstorms over Rzeszów, 23.06.23PAP/Darek Delmanowicz

Dangerously over Lesser Poland

Dangerous phenomena also affected the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The squall embankment was very well visible over Wadowice, as well as in the nearby town of Płoki Trzebinia.

Hail the size of tennis balls fell on Friday afternoon in Kasina Wielka, in the Limanowa poviat. The phenomenon caused no damage.

– We have no information that the hailstorm in the central part of the village of Kasina Wielka and on Mount Śnieżyca caused damage. For a while, the falling balls of ice had an average of about three centimeters – said the press officer of the PSP district headquarters in Limanowa Wojciech Bogacz.

Photos of the huge ice balls in Kasina Wielka were taken by Karolina Lulek.

Hailstones with a diameter of several centimeters also fell in Dobra in the same district.

Hail fell in Kasina WielkaKarolina Lulek

It rained hail in Kasina Wielka Karolina Lulek

“Such bullets can cause serious property damage,” the Storm Watcher Network tweeted.

The storm also swept through Dąbrowa Tarnowska.

Thunder over the Świętokrzyska Land

On Friday before noon, violent storms passed over the Świętokrzyskie region. They were accompanied by a strong wind. Downed trees fell onto power lines, causing power outages. At 11:00 a.m., more than 2,000 customers were without electricity. – At the moment, there are still about 500 households without electricity, most of them in the vicinity of Daleszyce and in the Pińczów district. 13 medium-to-low voltage transformer stations operate to a limited extent – said Ewa Wiatr, PGE Dystrybucja Skarżysko press spokeswoman on Friday afternoon. She added that the power services are gradually repairing damaged lines.

We received beautiful photos of storm clouds over Kielce from Reporters 24.

PAP, tvnmeteo.pl, Network of Storm Observers, TVN24

Main photo source: Karolina Lulek

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