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Storms in Poland. The calm weather won’t last long. “Monday will be a repeat of what happened in the last hours”

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In Poland, the wind still blows strongly, reaching speeds of 100 kilometers per hour in the mountains. Although the aura is slowly calming down, another low is visible on the horizon, which will bring turbulence in the weather. – Probably Monday will be a repeat of what has happened in the last few hours – said Tomasz Wasilewski on Saturday on TVN24.

The night from Friday to Saturday and Saturday morning brought strong gusts of wind to many regions of the country. The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued first and second degree warnings. The violent aura in Poland is associated with the Ulf low, also called Otto, which formed over the Atlantic and moved over the Baltic.

– It’s much calmer than it was at night, but the atmosphere is far from quiet. We are descending from very high wind speed values. At night it was blowing 125 kilometers per hour at Cape Rozewie in the Pomeranian Voivodeship, and in many other cities and places in the north, for example in GdanskŁeba, on helium and in Darłowo the wind reached from 100 to 115 kilometers per hour – said Tomasz Wasilewski on Saturday morning on TVN24. He added that it would be some time before winds reached 50-60 kilometers per hour in the north.

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It’s windy in the mountains. At night, 198 km/h was recorded on Śnieżka

According to the meteorological data visualization platform Ventusky.com, the wind in the south of the country will weaken in the coming hours. But it does not mean that the wind will be weaker in the mountains.

– Speeds above 100 kilometers per hour are constantly recorded on the Sudeten peaks. At night, Śnieżka was 198 kilometers per hour, the presenter told tvnmeteo.pl. – You can see the end of this gale, on Saturday afternoon, in the evening, it should be much calmer. But you should still be careful, because although the wind is already weaker, single gusts may occur, and a few-second gust of wind is enough for a branch to fall down, Wasilewski said.

Tomasz Wasilewski drawsTVN24

Another than approaching Poland

As Wasilewski said on Saturday morning, than Otto, located on Wednesday’s Baltic Sea, has already passed the moment when it was the deepest. – This means that the pressure was the lowest in it. This low is starting to age gradually, it will be less and less active, he added. This center of low pressure was associated with atmospheric fronts – warm and cold, which recently passed through Poland. They brought rainfall, and in the mountains, rain with snow.

– This low will be history at any moment, moving towards the north-east, over Russia. However, far above Iceland, another low is born – said the tvnmeteo.pl presenter. He added that he would move east. – This one is to reach Poland on Monday. If this happens, we are facing a repeat of the same violent weather we experienced – emphasized Wasilewski.

– Probably Monday will be a repeat of what happened in the last hours. Again in the north it is expected to blow about 100 kilometers per hour, inland, among others in in Warsaw, about 75 kilometers per hour – said Wasilewski. “Later on Tuesday, the weather should be calmer,” he added.

Weather situation over Europetvnmeteo.pl

Tomasz Wasilewski about Monday's recurrence of violent weather

Tomasz Wasilewski about Monday’s recurrence of violent weather TVN24

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