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Storms in Poland. Warmia and Mazury, flooding in Olsztyn. Interventions of firefighters in many regions. Than Zechariah

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Thunderstorms appear in many parts of the country on Sunday. They are accompanied by heavy rainfall, and hail in places. Firefighters have their hands full, their activities mainly consist of pumping water from flooded basements, streets, buildings, as well as removing broken trees. As a result of a downpour in the district of Drawsko, in Western Pomerania, a wall of a residential building collapsed.

Storms pass through Poland on Sunday. They are accompanied by strong gusts of wind and heavy rainfall. Thunders, among others, in the Lublin region, Western Pomerania, Wielkopolska, Mazovia, Lodz region.

Tens of thousands of customers without electricity

In the country, 35,647 consumers were without electricity according to the data at 8 pm, Marek Kubiak, director of the Government Security Center, announced on social media on Sunday evening. The largest number of recipients deprived of electricity supplies is in the province of Podlaskie – 18,280. In the province warmińsko-mazurskie voivodship of such cases at 20 on Sunday there were almost 7.6 thousand, in Lublin – 6 thousand. and in Lesser Poland – 1 thousand. Less than a thousand reports of power failures were recorded in the province. Pomorskie – 700, Łódź – 674, Kujawsko-Pomorskie – 535, Wielkopolskie – 300 and Zachodniopomorskie – 219 – said the director.

Broken branches in Podkarpacie

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As the duty officer of the Provincial Crisis Management Center (WCZK) said in Rzeszówuntil 20 on Sunday, firefighters intervened 15 times. – As many as 14 interventions concerned the removal of broken boughs and branches from the streets and sidewalks – she said. One of the interventions concerned securing the roof of a building in Golce, Jarocin commune. The wind damaged about 20 meters of the roof of a residential building. Firefighters helped secure the roof. According to the WCZK duty officer, electricity is currently reaching all farms in Podkarpacie. Still approx. 18 approx. 4.5 thousand people had no electricity. farms.

Damaged roofs in Podlasie

Approx. On Sunday, firefighters in Podlasie intervened 200 times in connection with strong gusts of wind and storms passing through the region since the morning. – The situation is under control, but the applications are still flowing in – the duty officer of the Podlaskie Voivodship Commandant of the State Fire Service informed on Sunday evening Bialystok.

Firefighters went mainly to remove fallen trees and branches from the roads, several reports also concerned damage to the roofs of residential and utility buildings. Firefighters said no one was hurt. During the day, due to the heat (temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius) and gusty wind, the police appealed to those resting by the water to keep common sense and adapt their skills to the prevailing weather conditions.

The wall of the building collapsed due to the downpour. Interventions in Western Pomerania

Sunday from 8 to 19.30 in the province. In the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, a total of 228 events related to rainfall and strong winds were recorded. Most interventions were in Koszalin (53), Wałcz (29), Kołobrzeg (20) and Drawsko Pomorskie (20). They concerned, among other things, fallen trees and flooded basements. – In Dalewo (Drawski poviat), a wall of a four-family residential building collapsed as a result of a downpour, the foundation of which had previously been discovered by the owner of one of the apartments. There are no injured people – the spokesman for the provincial commander of the SFS, junior brig. Thomas Kubiak. Six people were evacuated. A building inspector and fire brigade work on site. In Recław (Kiemiński district) a tree branch crushed a passenger car. One person was handed over to the medical rescue team.

A branch fell on a man in Masuria

The spokesman for the Warmian-Masurian firefighters, Grzegorz Różański, informed that by Sunday evening, 168 weather-related interventions by firefighters had already been recorded. Most events – 29 – were recorded in the Kętrzyn poviat, 22 in Giżycki and Olsztyński poviats, 13 in Nowomiejski poviat, and 16 in Mrągowo poviat. Firefighters were involved in pumping out water from flooded basements or garages and removing the effects of strong wind that blew on Sunday – especially over Masuria.

Firefighters reported that in the Giżycko district a branch broken off a tree fell on a man who was conscious and taken to the hospital. On Lake Niegocin, also in the Giżycko district, a man fell overboard of a yacht – witnesses picked him up from the water at the last moment, this man also went to the hospital. Firemen also removed broken trees and branches in the Węgorzewo and Iława counties. Rescuers of the Masurian Volunteer Rescue Service appeal to sailors not to leave ports due to strong winds.

Interventions in Wielkopolska

Firefighters from Wielkopolska have already intervened nearly 400 times on Sunday in connection with heavy rains in the region. The largest number of applications concerned Poznań and the surrounding communes. There were no injured persons in the recorded reports. Most often, interventions concerned flooded streets and flooded buildings.

The spokesman for the Greater Poland Fire Brigade, Brig. Sławomir Brandt announced on Sunday after 18, that firefighters were leaving for about 175 interventions in the vicinity of Poznań. They also handled about 50 events in the vicinity of Szamotuły and about 20 in the vicinity of Czarnków, Rawicz and Nowy Tomyśl.

In Poznań, the basement of the Greater Poland Oncology Center was flooded, and in Suchy Las, water had to be pumped out of the premises of the police station. In Wronki, the cellars of the monastery were flooded.

In Rawicz, the KRUS boiler house was flooded, and firefighters also pumped water out of the premises in the county office. Poznań’s vice-president Mariusz Wiśniewski informed on Sunday afternoon that all key municipal services are operational, the entire situation is monitored by the Crisis Management Center of the City of Poznań. Firefighters and technical services of the Aquanet company cleared the culvert of the Bogdanka stream in the area of ​​ul. Pulaski and al. Wielkopolska. Mariusz Wiśniewski emphasized that there were no serious reports of damage to public infrastructure. All bus and tram lines are passable in the city.

It will also be dangerous throughout Poland on Sunday, warnings issued by the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management are in force.

A flooded park in PoznańFilip Czekała, TVN24

A flooded park in PoznańFilip Czekała, TVN24

Broken trees and branches in Lower Silesia

According to the duty officer of the Provincial Rescue Coordination Post of the State Fire Service in Wrocław, from 8 a.m. to On Sunday, over 100 events related to the removal of the effects of heavy rains were recorded throughout the province. Firefighters’ interventions consisted mainly of removing broken tree branches and branches lying on communication routes, as well as pumping out water from flooded properties and buildings. Most interventions were recorded in Wrocław. A tree fell on a parked car in the Gajowice estate. No one was injured in the incident. The heavy rainfall probably also contributed to the collapse of the roof of the building of the former common room in Kręsk in the municipality of Brzeg Dolny. The building was uninhabited, but the fire department evacuated nine people living in a dormitory adjacent to the vacant lot. Firefighters are securing the area. Nobody was injured. The WSKR duty officer reported that the situation in the region is now calming down.

Flooding in Silesia

Until Sunday afternoon, firefighters from the province of Gdańsk intervened more than 110 times. Śląskie due to storms and precipitation passing over the region. Most activities – mainly pumping water and removing branches – were recorded in Zagłębie Dąbrowskie and in the area of ​​Częstochowa.

As announced on Sunday by the spokeswoman of the Silesian provincial commander of the State Fire Service, brigadier Aneta Gołębiowska, from 7.30 to 14. Firefighters in this region intervened 113 times. – Most interventions were recorded in Sosnowiec, Będzin and Częstochowa poviats – noted Gołębiowska. According to the announcements published on Sunday by the Provincial Crisis Management Center in Katowice (WCZK), on that day warnings of the second degree of thunderstorms were in force throughout the region (on Saturday, warnings of the third, highest degree were issued for the districts of Bielsko, Cieszyn and Żywiec and Bielsko Biała) . The day before, it was also raining in the region, but according to WCZK, no “excessive number of events” related to weather conditions was recorded in connection with the issued warnings – PSP intervened a total of 24 times. On Saturday, at the water gauges in the province in the Silesian Voivodeship, the water did not exceed the warning levels.

A squall embankment in Mazovia

A squall embankment hung over the village of Wiejca in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. The ominous-looking clouds appeared just before 3 p.m.

A squall ridge is formed at the front edge of a storm zone as a result of the clash of two different air masses. Its occurrence is preceded by a gusty and violent wind called a squall. In the region of appearance of this type of cloud, there is also usually heavy rainfall.

A squall embankment over Mazovia Michal Ulinski

Fallen trees in Pomerania

Firefighters in the Pomeranian Voivodeship from 8 am on Saturday to 8 pm. 7 on Sunday, in connection with the removal of the effects of atmospheric phenomena, they intervened 16 times, brig. Łukasz Płusa from the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Gdańsk.

The guard rode out to fallen trees and broken branches. “No casualties were reported,” added Brig. Lukasz Płusa. The largest number of interventions was recorded by the fire brigade in Gdańsk (4), as well as in the poviats of Bytów (3) and Puck (2).

Hail fell in Waplewo Wielkie in Pomerania.

The hail fell in the village of Waplewo Wielkie Isabella Lanzer

The hail fell in the village of Waplewo Wielkie Isabella Lanzer

The hail fell in the village of Waplewo Wielkie Isabella Lanzer

Flooded roads and flooded buildings in Olsztyn

It was also dangerous last night in Olsztyn. Among others, Piłsudskiego Street near the tire factory, ul. Lubelska, Towarowa, Pan Tadeusz, Polish Army or Zientary-Malewska. – On one of the streets, a car got stuck in the water, firefighters pushed it out – said the spokesman for the Olsztyn fire brigade, Kamil Kulas, on Sunday morning.

Flooding in OlsztynTwitter/Provincial Headquarters of the SFS Olsztyn

Flooding in OlsztynTwitter/Provincial Headquarters of the SFS Olsztyn

Firefighters also worked in Dorotów, where the garage was flooded, in Stawiguda there was a flooding of the pizzeria, in Bartąg on ul. The road and the cellars of the house were flooded on Rumiankowa St., and the boiler room was flooded in Dobre Miasto.

Many squares and flower beds in Olsztyn were destroyed by the rain. Flowers are broken, some plants are washed away from the ground by the strong current of flowing water.

Flooding in OlsztynTwitter/Provincial Headquarters of the SFS Olsztyn

Flooding in OlsztynTwitter/Provincial Headquarters of the SFS Olsztyn

On Contact 24 we received photos and recordings from Olsztyn, which show the effects of heavy rainfall and a storm passing at night.

IMGW informed that during the day, from 8 am on Saturday to 8 on Sunday, Olsztyn recorded the highest amount of precipitation among all synoptic stations in the country. 63.9 liters of water per square meter fell there.

PAP, Kontakt 24, tvnmeteo.pl

Main photo source: Isabella Lanzer

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