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Storms in Poland. Wednesday 5.07. Hail in the Opole region. Than Poly. Several hundred interventions

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Thunderstorms hit Poland on Wednesday. Due to the violent weather, firefighters intervened almost 300 times. Most interventions were recorded in the Wielkopolskie voivodship. The activities consisted mainly of pumping water from flooded roads, removing broken branches.

Wednesday was marked by storms in parts of the country. It thundered, among others, in Lubusz Land, Lower Silesia, Kuyavia, Pomerania, Opole and Wielkopolska. The phenomena were accompanied by rainfall of up to 20 liters of water per square meter. Wind gusts reached speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour.

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management has issued warnings against thunderstorms with hail.

Almost 300 interventions

– Until 6 pm on Wednesday, due to storms, firefighters carried out 283 interventions – informed the spokesman of the State Fire Service, Brigadier Karol Kierzkowski.

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Most events were recorded in the following voivodeships: Wielkopolskie – 46, Opolskie – 44, Śląskie – 40, Dolnośląskie – 34 and Kujawsko-Pomorskie – 30.

Flooded cellars in Silesia

Broken branches, leaning trees, flooded cellars – these are the effects of the storms that hit the Silesian Voivodeship on Wednesday. Since the morning, firefighters have intervened more than a dozen times.

– From 7.30 to 21, due to thunderstorms, the fire brigade in the Silesian Voivodeship intervened dozens of times – Brigadier Aneta Gołębiowska, spokeswoman for the Silesian Provincial Fire Brigade, said on Wednesday evening. She added that the most applications were in Ruda Śląska and Kłobuck as well as in Zawiercie, Myszków and Czestochowa.

Downpour in the Opole region

As reported by the duty officer of the Provincial Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Opoleafter a storm that passed over the city, firefighters intervened dozens of times.

Most of the work involved removing broken branches. The worst situation was on Wojska Polskiego Street, where the surface, several cars and the road under the viaduct were flooded. Two fire engines were at the scene.

The wells could not keep up with the rainfall, firefighters helped to get the flooded car out.

Flooded road under the viaduct on Wojska Polskiego Street in OpoleMariusz Materlik

Downpour in the Opole region Mariusz Materlik

It rained hail in Opole. According to the Storm Observers Network on Twitter, the Karolinka shopping center was flooded as a result of the storms.

An RCB alert was issued for 12 voivodships.

City in OpoleMariusz Materlik

Main photo source: Mariusz Materlik

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