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Strange emails with a string of letters. This is a new way of cheating

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“XSKEG DJLKGNE LSSKEM MRNPA” – this is more or less the content of the e-mail that has flooded the mailboxes of many Poles in recent days. However, that’s not all, there is an attachment with a link there. Don’t click! It’s a scam, CyberRescue warns.

According to CyberRescue, the message body includes an attachment with the * .htm or * .html extension, which redirects to a suspicious website when launched.

They avoid spam

“This is one of the ways to disguise links so that they are not caught by the anti-spam filter. Most often, the link redirects to suspicious platforms for investing in cryptocurrencies or adult sites. Such websites extort data from us – contact, address and most often payment card details. important! E-mails are sent from private mailboxes, it is possible that they have been hacked “- reads the release.

CyberRescue specialists received over 100 reports from people who received such e-mails within a few days. Clicking on a link or an attachment is simple, scammers know it and send them to us at every step. Therefore, it is even better to ignore the message and do nothing with it than to click one too many times – says Karolina Wrońska from CyberRescue.

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“If you also received such a message, the safest option is to mark it as SPAM and report the phishing attempt to the mail service provider” – it was written in the communication.

The portal Bezpiecznik.pl also writes about the case. “In the last week, the sending of such e-mails has increased. We receive more applications than in September” – inform experts.

They add that emails are sent from real, but possibly hijacked, Gmail mailboxes, with up to 20 recipients each time.

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