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Strong wind in Masuria. A series of dangerous accidents, a sailor dies

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Difficult weather prevailed on the Masurian lakes on Thursday. The wind strength reached 7 on the Beaufort scale, which made it difficult for even experienced sailors to steer the yachts and posed considerable danger. There was a tragic accident near the Sztynorcki Bridge.

On Thursday, the sky over Poland was cloudy and dangerous from the morning hours. There were warnings in almost the entire country IMWM Before storms with hail, locally heavy rain and wind. Such a weather ruined the plans of many people who were planning to relax outdoors on the first day of the long weekend.

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7 on the Beaufort scale

Dangerous weather conditions occurred in Warmia and Masuria. The duty officer of the Masurian Volunteer Emergency Service (MOPR), Karol Dylewski, said that on Thursday afternoon on Masurian lakes, especially near Sztynort, there were several dangerous situations and one tragic one. This was related to strong winds, the strength of which reached 7 degrees on the Beaufort scale. Even though weather warning masts were flashing an hour before the weather broke and a meteorological warning was issued, not all sailors took shelter in ports.

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– A strong gust of wind blew one of the sailors' hat into the water under the Sztynorcki Bridge and he jumped in after it. He had no strength to swim to the yacht, the crew took him out of the water with no signs of life and started heart massage. We were called for help, our rescuers started a massage using a defibrillator, then we brought rescuers from a wheeled ambulance to the boat. We managed to restore your heartbeat, said Dylewski. The man was taken to hospital in Giżycko. According to unofficial information, he died there. Another crew member of this yacht, probably due to stress, felt unwell and fainted. Another ambulance also took him to the hospital.

“A strong gust of wind hit the woman on the boat in the head, which caused her to lose consciousness for a moment. When she fell, she hit her head on the side. She was treated and her life is no longer in danger,” said Dylewski.

A call for caution

In Śniardwy, the crew of the boat couldn't cope with the weather conditions, a wave flooded the engine and they lost steering. The MOPR cutter towed her to the shore. However, during the towing, the rope broke and the boat began to drift. “Fortunately, they drifted towards the port, when our crew was already close, another yacht helped them and they reached the port safely,” Dylewski said.

Another crew became entangled in a cardinal buoy – a MOPR rescuer instructed the crew on the phone what to do and they managed to free themselves. Other inexperienced sailors on Lake Mamry were unable to cope with the difficult conditions. “They had no idea what to do, how to drop the sail, they didn't even know what kind of boat they were sailing on. Since our crew in the area was conducting a resuscitation operation over the phone, we gave them instructions on what to do. Fortunately, they followed the instructions and managed to find shelter. There were seven people in this boat,” Dylewski added.

MOPR rescuers appealed to sailors to strictly follow weather warnings, observe weather conditions and critically assess their sailing skills. “Everyone had time to take shelter today, but not everyone did it,” Dylewski emphasized.

Main photo source: tvnmeteo.pl

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