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Strong winds will blow over the next few days. Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in Europe

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Severe weather conditions are forecast for Friday and Saturday. The calm, high-pressure aura will be replaced by strong gusts of wind, reaching speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour in places. Tomasz Wasilewski, presenter of tvnmeteo.pl, talked about where these sudden changes in the weather will come from.

On Thursday, we will have a continuation of high-pressure weather, which is related to the Feuka high from the center in the Bosphorus Bay area, explained tvnmeteo.pl weather forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek on Thursday morning. She noted, however, that the pressure in Poland is beginning to drop slowly, due to the approach of the Tom low with a weakly active, cold atmospheric front to our region of Europe. Today it will cover north-western Poland. Friday will bring a complete change of weather. Our country will fall under the influence of low-pressure vortices from the North Sea and the North Atlantic. It will be rainy, windy and cold.

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Higher guards peace

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As Tomasz Wasilewski explained in the program “You get up and know” on TVN24, on Thursday the weather is calm in central and eastern Europe.

“The high-pressure keeps the weather calm, even with the sun,” he explained, pointing to the map. – Warm air flows in (…) that’s why today we predict even 12 degrees. yesterday in Szklarska Poręba it was 14 degrees, which means spring weather is done.

However, the calm weather will be replaced by more violent weather. He will be responsible for this than, the birth of which we observe in the western part of Europe. Today this system is over Ireland.

“Today and initially tomorrow it will be far from us, but it will soon become dangerous,” the presenter said.

The situation on Thursdaytvnmeteo.pl

Large pressure gradient

Why can the low tide have such a big impact on the weather conditions in Poland? As Wasilewski explained, this is related to the slow subsidence of the “today’s” high-pressure system.

– The low from the north-west will push towards Central Europe, it will approach – he said. – Tomorrow and over the weekend (…) the low will move over southern Scandinavia, at the same time the high will move away over Eastern Europe. Between these pressure centers there will be a large pressure difference, within this low pressure (…) there will be a large pressure gradient, i.e. a large difference in a small space. This means that in our part of Europe it will be windy.

Wasilewski explained that on Friday afternoon, a milder wind from the south-west, developing a speed of 60-70 kilometers per hour, will reach Poland first. After the low pressure moves towards Central Europe, a gusty wind will blow from the north-west, reaching a speed of 100 km/h in Poland.

Forecasts indicate that on the night from Friday to Saturday and on Saturday the storm will sweep over the whole of Poland. Wind gusts up to 80-90 km/h may occur in the central part of Poland, and 100 km/h on the coast, even stronger along the coastline.

The bar situation on Friday and at the weekendtvnmeteo.pl

Watch the full conversation with Tomasz Wasilewski:

Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in EuropeTVN24

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