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Monday, September 27, 2021

Strzelce Opolskie. He thought he was investing in the stock market. He lost PLN 125,000

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A resident of the Opole region was convinced that he was investing his money on the stock exchange. In this way, he lost almost PLN 125,000. It turned out – as the police informs – that all transactions made by the man, which were prompted by people claiming to be brokers, were only online simulations.

– A few months ago, the 41-year-old was contacted by phone by a man who claimed to be a financial advisor. The man argued that he represents a professional, international company and has reliable information about the increases in shares of listed companies – says Marta Białek from the police in Strzelce Opolskie. It was enough to convince an inhabitant of the Strzelce poviat. The 41-year-old signed a contract with a man claiming to be a broker. And for the next few months, he made payments to the account indicated by him. He was convinced that this was how he invested his money in the stock market.


He was convinced that he was playing the stock market

– After a few payments, the man decided to sell his shares. It was then that he heard from one of the brokers that his account was blocked, and the only way to unblock it was through a complaint purchase, which consists in buying the indicated share for almost USD 10,000 – reports Białek. And he adds that the situation repeated itself after a few weeks, and this finally aroused the 41-year-old’s suspicions. – In the end, it turned out that all the transactions made by the 41-year-old, indicated by brokers, were online simulations, and the money transferred was never put on a real brokerage account – informs the policewoman. The man who was convinced that he was playing on the stock exchange lost almost PLN 125,000.

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