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Strzyzow. They attacked, beat and robbed. They will be responsible for robbery and theft of gold products

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Four people, including a woman, will be responsible for the robbery on Grzegorz C. and the theft of gold products worth over PLN 370,000. The indictment in this case was filed with the District Court in Strzyżów (Podkarpackie Province). The gold was recovered by the police, and the three defendants voluntarily submitted themselves to punishment.

According to prosecutor Krzysztof Ciechanowski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Rzeszów, which prepared the indictment in this case, the defendants are: 36-year-old Żaneta K., 33-year-old Dariusz R., 30-year-old Roman P. and 47-year-old Paweł S.

The robbery took place on July 10, 2022. “The aggrieved Grzegorz C. returned to his place of residence in Strzyżów around 10 p.m. When he got out of the car, he was attacked by two attackers: Dariusz R. and Roman P., who had previously planned a course of action together with Żaneta K. and Paweł S. ” – reported the prosecutor.

He added that the perpetrators beat the attacked Grzegorz C. on the head and stole his valuables.

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“As a result of the operational-detective and procedural activities undertaken by the officers of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Rzeszów, full property that was the subject of the robbery was recovered” – noted the prosecutor.

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They attacked and robbed

The prosecutor’s office accused Żaneta K., Dariusz R., Roman P. and Paweł S. of committing jointly and in concert robbery and causing slight damage to health to the detriment of Grzegorz C. and of taking gold products worth PLN 370,290 from him.

In addition, Dariusz R. was also accused of demanding money from Grzegorz C. in exchange for the return of the misappropriated gold products. On the other hand, Paweł S. was also accused of trying to persuade a policeman “to violate the law in connection with the robbery”.

The crimes they are accused of are punishable by up to 12 years in prison.

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They voluntarily surrendered

Three defendants: Żaneta K., Dariusz R. and Roman P. admitted to committing the alleged acts and filed motions for voluntary submission to punishment, while Paweł S. only partially admitted to committing the alleged acts.

Żaneta K. was sentenced to two years and two months of imprisonment and a fine of PLN 20,000, Dariusz R. to two years and 10 months of imprisonment and a fine of PLN 39,000, and Roman P. to two years and four months of imprisonment 20,000 PLN fine.

Żaneta K. was not previously punished. The other defendants, on the other hand, have already been punished: Dariusz R. for crimes under the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction, Paweł S. for crimes against safety in communication, and Roman P. for crimes against property.

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