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Student at work 2023 – report. Career program of the Polish Business Roundtable

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Almost every fifth student in Poland earns between two and three thousand zlotys. He receives twice as much between three and four thousand zlotys a month – we learn from the report “Student at work” of the Career Program of the Polish Business Roundtable. The number of people who get even more on hand has increased, but also those who earn at most a thousand or two. The highest earning students were recorded in Bydgoszcz and Toruń. At the other extreme was the Tri-City, where in 2023 the highest percentage of students earning less than PLN 1,000 net was shown.

“This year is marked by changes on the labor market. The average salary in companies has increased by 13.6% since last year and reached PLN 7,065.65, which, when employed on a full-time employment contract, gives over PLN 5,000 per month. At the same time, however, there is more and more talk about changing the employee’s market into the employer’s market, reads the report “Student at work”.

It was added that “the situation is similar on the student labor market”. “The study conducted as part of the Career Program of the Polish Business Roundtable by the SW Research studio shows that the group of students earning less than PLN 2,000 per hand has increased – it is almost every fourth of them (last year – every fifth). students whose salary exceeds PLN 7,000 per hand.

It was also emphasized that the study shows that “in 2023, every fifth student earns between two and three thousand zlotys a month” and “this is a decrease of nearly 12 percentage points compared to last year”. “The same number (19 percent) receive a salary of three to four thousand zlotys per hand, which is comparable to 2022.” – it was written.

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Student at work report

“We are observing two trends on the labor market. On the one hand, companies are cutting costs and limiting the employment of students, which increases the number of people declaring earnings between PLN 1,001 and 2,000 and below PLN 1,000. On the other hand, the professionalization of student work is visible. companies want to hire the best candidates and are ready to pay them very well,” said Marian Owerko, creator and head of the Career Programme, Poland’s largest independent paid internship program for students and graduates, organized by the Polish Business Roundtable, of which he is the vice president.

Most in Bydgoszcz and Toruń, the least in the Tri-City

“In Bydgoszcz and Toruń, those earning more than PLN 7,000 net per month account for as much as 24 percent of all working students. Lublin ranks second in terms of the percentage of people with the highest salary – here, 15 percent of working students can boast of over PLN 7,000 per month. ” – stated in the report.

It was added that “the Tri-City is on the opposite side of the scale – as many as 15% of students earn less than PLN 1,000 a month” and this is “the highest percentage among the surveyed urban centers”. In turn, “every third student from Krakow and the Tri-City earns less than PLN 2,000 net”.

“In Warsaw, which is usually the leader in earnings rankings, the largest number of respondents (19.4%) declared a salary between PLN 1,000 and PLN 2,000. This is a significant decrease. of those surveyed), in second place was a group of students with a salary between PLN 2,000 and PLN 3,000 (25 percent). For 2023, these values ​​are 16.1 percent and 12.9 percent, respectively.” – we read in the report.

Student at work report

“Young people expect much higher wages. 25.4 percent of students would like to earn more than ten thousand zlotys at present. However, in Białystok and Olsztyn this percentage is nearly 37 percent of respondents. 19 percent of students dream of a salary between four and five thousand zlotys zlotys – the most in the Silesian-Zagłębie agglomeration, as much as nearly 40% of respondents. With time, salary expectations increase. In a year, every third respondent would like to earn over PLN 10,000 net, in two years – over 44%, and in a decade – two third of the respondents,” the report states.


Career program

From March 1 this year, students and graduates up to the age of 30 can apply for internships in Career Program. It is a nationwide program of paid internships in various companies and industries organized by the Polish Business Roundtable – the largest initiative of this type in Poland. Applications for the Career Program can be submitted via the website programcareer.pl until May 15. CVs are evaluated on an ongoing basis and some companies close their recruitment earlier.

In the 20th jubilee edition, 34 of the best domestic and international companies offer almost 100 internships in 14 cities, including in Bydgoszcz, Grudziądz, Łódź, Poznań, Warsaw, Janów Podlaski and Wrocław. In some companies it is also provided remote work or hybrid.

People who want to start a professional career can apply for paid internships in the following areas: law, finance, HR, logistics, PR, media and advertising, marketing and sales, research and development, pharmacy, IT and programming, data analysis, production, engineering, infrastructure investments, e-commerce, procurement, customer service, quality management and project management.

As a rule, internships take place during student holidays, but employers are flexible in setting dates, taking into account the preferences of participants. Some of the practices are to start as early as May. Employers care about selecting the best candidates, therefore the assessment of applications and recruitment processes will continue from the first day of recruitment.

All internships offered in the Career Program are paid. Each participant will receive remuneration in the amount of PLN 3,600 to even PLN 7,000 per month of internship. According to the current statistics, every fourth participant of the Career Program receives a job offer from the company where he completed his summer internship.

The Career Program has been organized by the Polish Business Roundtable for 20 years. Since then, it has developed a unique formula, and its graduates enjoy the reputation of young specialists worthy of employment in responsible positions.

Career program What distinguishes it from other internships is that it offers participants more than just the opportunity to learn about a profession or a given company. More and more companies, encouraged by the organizers, provide young people with mentoring, i.e. the opportunity to work directly with experienced people managing the company or department.

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