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Students are building a satellite, she will have her own selfie stick

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Students from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow plan to send their own satellite called HYPE into space. The design phase of the device is underway, and it is scheduled to reach orbit in the fall of this year. The equipment will allow for monitoring climate change, and young engineers want to focus on the problem of smog.

HYPE, as the satellite is to be called, will examine atmospheric pollution, the condition of forests and take photos of the Earth. Over 30 people are involved in the project. What makes it stand out? Students from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow they are trying to build the smallest satellite in Poland from scratch.

– We did not want to use any purchased components here, as was the case in other missions so far, we just wanted to build a relatively simple satellite completely from scratch, so that we could understand everything and build knowledge for the future – said Filip Tomczyk, technical leader of the HYPE project, in an interview with TVN24 BiS journalist Hubert Kijek.

Smog and fire research

Young scientists want to use satellites to monitor climate change throughout the country and around the world.

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– We want to focus mainly on the problem smog, because it is a common phenomenon in Poland and has a large impact on the health of society. We also want to monitor forest fires, which have become an increasingly frequent phenomenon in recent years, to be able to respond faster when this phenomenon occurs, said Konrad Rotter, leader of the spectroscopy subsystem. Data obtained from the satellite will be made publicly available.

Space selfie stick

The satellite will be equipped with an additional instrument – a small camera directed at a screen mounted on one of the walls of the device. It will be the equivalent of a space selfie stick, which will allow you to take a HYPE photo with the Earth in the background, along with the material presented on the display. This will not only provide students with a unique opportunity to gain extremely valuable experience, but will also constitute an advanced scientific and educational tool.

The media patrons of this project are the “Kijek w cosmos” program and TVN24 BiS.

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Main photo source: TVN24 GO

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