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Students from Poznań are fighting for a dormitory. “Each of us felt thrown out of our own home”

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In Poznań, students occupy a dormitory that was taken from them. The building is in poor condition. Students fear that the University of Mickiewicza will sell it. Students want to return to the dormitory after urgent renovation. They complain that they cannot afford to rent accommodation in the city.

Poznań students return to the dormitory to occupy it. They have sleeping bags, banners and slogans. They plan the occupation until they succeed – until they are legally allowed to live there. The new academic year meant moving out due to the condition of the 60-year-old building. The university provides places for every twentieth student. – This year, the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań offers 1,535 places in five houses – informed Małgorzata Rybczyńska from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in October. – The dorm here is closed. It will probably be sold to a private developer – says student Szymon Radomski. This is a problem for over three hundred students. Although there is no dormitory, there is still a hotel in its place. – In fact, each of us felt thrown out of our own home – adds student Paula Macioszek.

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The students do not intend to give up – they want renovation. – There can no longer be a situation where such dormitories are sold without any resistance, without any protest – emphasizes Dawid. – A big wall is being built with the words “you can study here, but only if you are rich” – says Krystian.

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Over the course of seven years, student monthly expenses in Poland have increased by almost PLN 2,500. – I know the situation of students who can afford one or two meals a day – emphasizes Mateusz. Accommodation costs the most and it’s hard to be picky.

Students are looking for apartments. Prices are high and availability is a problem TVN24

Feeling of wasted time

The Adam Mickiewicz University refused to comment on the dormitory case – it will respond to the protesters’ demands within a few days. – What is the greatest loss and what we most have to give up is the sense of security and stability – explains Aleksandra.

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