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Stupid. A female European bison was born in the demonstration enclosure in Muczne

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In the demonstration enclosure in Muczne in the Stuposiany Forest District (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) a female European bison was born. This is the third birth this year. Foresters will choose the names for the young European bison in a competition.

The Stuposiany Forest Inspectorate informed that a bison girl was born on Wednesday before noon. Mother is a European bison named Tjlli. – This is the third calf born this year in the pen. In May, the first heifer and bull were born – said the forest inspector Ewa Tkacz from the Stuposiany Forest Inspectorate.

Names will be chosen in a competition

Small bisons do not have names yet. The Forestry Inspectorate will announce the competition. As a rule, names for European bison belonging to the Białowieża-Caucasian line, i.e. bred in Muczne, begin with the letters “Pu”.

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There are now 15 bison in the herd. Young bison will be released into the wild in about two years. To increase the gene pool. This affects their immunity. – European bison brought to the farm are genetically strong. Their offspring are very valuable. The reconstituted population comes from just a dozen or so individuals. Therefore, it is important to watch over genetic variability – explains Ewa Tkacz.

There are over 700 European bison in the Bieszczady Mountains. Interested people can see them

There are currently over 700 European bison in the Bieszczady Mountains. Away from people, but keep your distance and caution when encountering a chance encounter. – This is a wild animal, the largest land mammal in Europe. This is power and strength – foresters remind.

The homestead in Muczne has been operating since 2012. It covers about seven hectares and allows you to observe animals in their natural habitat. It is open daily from 9-19. Viewing terraces are prepared for visitors.

Main photo source: Stuposiany Forest District

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