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Friday, December 3, 2021

Style, Social Media and Celebrity: How Keeping Up With the Kardashians Changed… Everything

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The Kardashians were not the first family to have their own reality show.

But no one before or since has managed to make the most of one quite as they have—and not only in the form of a dozen spin-offs that have aired at one point or another on E! since Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered in 2007.

Rather, their name has become more, even, than a billion-dollar brand. It’s a pop culture touchstone, a word that conjures up all at once luxury and extravagance, style and sex appeal, followers and fashion, family and fierce loyalty. Their name has become synonymous with fame, and mention of the Kardashians is never far off when the conversation turns to what being a celebrity is all about in this day and age.

But while their flagship show has been chugging along on E! now for almost 13 years, following Kim, Khloe, KourtneyKylie, Kendall, momager™ Kris Jenner and their associated loved ones through everything you can think of, they all know that, to stay fresh, you’ve got to be able to evolve—and the Kards have been busy doing that, too.

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