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Subcarpathia. The Zagórz-Medzilaborce train ran into fallen trees. It’s the effect of the storms

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A train traveling from Zagórze (Podkarpackie Voivodeship) to the Slovak town of Medzilaborce crashed into fallen trees near the state border. About 100 people traveled in two combined trains. An air ambulance landed at the scene, but luckily no one was injured.

The incident took place on Saturday around 10 am between the towns of Łupków and Nowy Łupków in Podkarpacie. Going from Zagórze to Medzilaborce on Slovakia the bus ran into fallen trees and could not continue its journey.

The incident took place between the towns of Łupków and Nowy ŁupkówKP PSP Sanok

Nobody was injured

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As Captain Paweł Giba from the Sanok fire brigade informed us, the train crew probably did not have time to brake before the tilted and fallen branches.

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– About 100 people traveled on the bus, fortunately no one was injured. However, an air ambulance landed on the spot just in case. Trees and branches that caused damage to the train are being removed, Giba said.

As we found out in the Podkarpackie Polregio plant, some passengers have already been taken to Medzilaborce by replacement transport. The second bus will pick up the remaining travelers soon. – Difficulties at the scene should end soon – we hear from representatives of the carrier.

The incident took place between the towns of Łupków and Nowy ŁupkówKP PSP Sanok

Storms in Podkarpacie. Flooded roads and properties

Fallen and tilted trees are the result of the storms that have swept through Podkarpacie since Friday. Firefighters in this voivodeship intervened nearly 260 times over the last 24 hours – most often in the poviats of Rzeszów, Łańcut, Krosno and Dębica.

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– Most of the work involved removing broken trees, branches lying on roads, pavements, properties and power lines. We pumped water from flooded cellars and properties, removed water from roads, cleared road culverts – said brigadier Marcin Betleja, spokesman for the Podkarpacie fire brigade.

Torrential rains in Podkarpacie began on Friday, at noon. It stopped raining during the night, but in the morning a heavy downpour swept through Rzeszów. Within a few hours, firefighters accepted 86 applications, mainly for pumping water from flooded properties, buildings and basements. Before 11 o’clock, Captain Jan Czerwonka, spokesman for the Rzeszów fire brigade, informed that in the Nowe Wzgórze estate, the escarpment next to which the kindergarten is located is slipping.

The passage under the tracks on Batory Street was under water. intersection of ul. Leszek Czarny and Litewska resembles a river. There are cars parked in the city center on PCK Street in the water.

Main photo source: KP PSP Sanok

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