Succession to the Danish throne. Princess Mary in the center of media attention


This weekend, a succession will take place at the Danish royal court. Queen Margrethe II will formally sign the abdication and hand over the throne to her son. Frederick will become king, and his wife – Maria – queen. Currently, it is Maria who steals the attention of the Danes and the media. The future queen comes from Australia, and her parents were Scottish.

The last time this happened was 500 years ago. This was when the King of Denmark ceased to be king for any reason other than death. Now, five centuries later, Queen Margaret II voluntarily gives up her throne. The announcement of the abdication was a huge surprise. – It was quite a surprise for two reasons. Firstly, Queen Margaret has previously said that she will never step down unless something exceptional happens. Secondly, in Denmark it is tradition that kings and reigning queens hold their office until death, explains Lars Hovbakke Sorensen, a historian.

The reason for the resignation of the Queen of Denmark is said to be health problems, but also her age and the age of her successor. Crown Prince Frederick is already 55 years old and seems to be fully ready to take over the duties of his 83-year-old mother. – Maybe the Queen wanted to avoid the situation in Great Britain, where the country had an old king from the very beginning, as we saw in the case of Prince Charles – speculates Lars Hovbakke Sorensen. Queen Margaret II is the longest-reigning monarch in the country’s history.

She announced her resignation to her subjects in her New Year’s message. – On January 14, 2024, 52 years after succeeding my beloved father, I will step down as Queen of Denmark – said Queen Margrethe II.

Crown Prince Frederick will take the throne of Denmark.Reuters

“A wonderful ambassador for Australia”

The Danish monarchy is the oldest in Europe and one of the most popular. He enjoys the support of over 70 percent of the country’s population. Now society is focused on what comes next. Prince Frederick will be the king, and Maria, an Australian by birth, will be the queen consort. And this is what the media mainly writes about.

– She is very interesting and intelligent. Combined with empathy, charm and interpersonal skills, it can be concluded that she has great potential – says Federica Marchionni from the Fashion Agenda organization, of which Princess Maria is the patron.

Mary Donaldson – born in Tasmania – became a hit in aristocratic salons two decades ago. Her parents came from Scotland. – I think it’s great that she will be queen. This puts Tasmania on the world stage. We have a wonderful Australian ambassador – emphasizes one of the Sydney residents.

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Shortly before Mary accidentally met Prince Frederick at the Sydney Summer Olympics, she was working in the real estate industry.

The Danes liked her very much from the beginning. Among other things, Maria quickly mastered the difficult Danish language. – He’ll do really well. She is a talented girl and a good wife of our current crown prince, who will become king in a few days – notes Gitte Lynge, a resident of Copenhagen. – Crown Princess Mary, who will become Queen Mary, or Queen Consort Mary, is very, very popular and has a lot of support from the Danes. According to polls, she, Crown Prince Frederick and Queen Margaret enjoy virtually the same popularity, adds Lars Hovbakke Sorensen.

The couple is considered modern. He has four children. They all went to state schools. Maria herself is a patron of several dozen human rights organizations. It is also associated with excellent taste and well-tailored styles.

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