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Sudan. Shots in Khartoum, army in the streets

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The Sudanese army has surrounded one of the bases of a paramilitary unit called the Rapid Support Force (RSF). The soldiers opened fire with heavy weapons. The RSF says it has taken control of the capital’s international airport. Shots were heard in several parts of Khartoum, Reuters reported.

The Sudanese paramilitary unit called the Rapid Support Force (RSF) released a statement calling the army’s actions a “brutal attack”. Meanwhile, the army under the leadership of the de facto ruler Sudan Abdel Fattah al-Burhana stated that paramilitary forces launched the attack. “These attacks took place in Khartoum and elsewhere in Sudan,” one military commander, General Nabil Abdallah, said. “The fighting is going on and the army is doing its duty to defend the homeland,” he added.

The RSF and the Sudanese army jointly overthrew the country’s long-time dictator Omar al-Bashir in 2019 and have cooperated so far. A rift between them emerged on Thursday, when military authorities said the latest actions by the country’s largest paramilitary group were uncoordinated and illegal.

The army on the streets of the capital

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Cannons and armored vehicles appeared on the streets of Khartoum, according to Reuters. Shots from heavy weapons were also heard. near the presidential palace in the center of Khartoum. Clouds of smoke appeared over the capital’s airport, and symptoms of panic could be seen among the local population. Commanded by General Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, the Rapid Relief Force soon after announced that it had taken control of Khartoum airport and the Merowe military base in the north of the country. The agency said a confrontation between Sudan’s two largest military powers could spell a long-running conflict in a sprawling country plagued by economic collapse and outbreaks of tribal violence.

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