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Sudan. The boy was born in a car a few days after fighting broke out between the army and the RSF. “It gave us positive energy”

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A man with his wife in labor arrived at one of the hospitals in the capital of Sudan. Most wards were closed due to the fighting, but medical volunteers from the emergency department rushed to help. With limited resources and possibilities, they managed to deliver the baby in the car. The grateful parents asked the volunteers to choose a name for their son. He was named Muntasir, meaning “victorious”.

Two days after fighting broke out in Sudan, on April 17, a man arrived at Al Ban Jadeed Hospital in Khartoum with his wife in labor. He was helped by three medical volunteers – Salah Ali, Zeinb Ezzaldeen and Mohammed – who worked in the emergency department while most other wards were closed due to the fighting. They had to use the very limited resources they had and give birth in a car.

Volunteers were given another task by their parents

The delivery went well and a boy was born.

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“The feeling was really great because it gave us positive energy during the war because we were at least able to help,” Ezzaldeen said.

The parents asked the volunteers to perform one more task – to choose a name for the child.

Salah Ali said that hearing “a newborn cry in wartime and hospitals closing down” they must have chosen a very pretty name. Two were considered – Salam (meaning: peace) and Muntasir (meaning: victorious). The boy was eventually named Muntasir.

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Fighting in Sudan

Conflict between the Sudanese army and the paramilitary Rapid Relief Forces (RSF) broke out on April 15. As part of the changes proposed by the government, the RSF was to be incorporated into the regular armed forces. However, the generals could not agree on the timing of this, and the political dispute turned into a civil war. The number of victims of the conflict is estimated at at least 512, and about 4,200 people have been injured. Hospital buildings and other elements of public infrastructure were destroyed.

From the beginning of the fighting in Sudan, to Egypt, Chad and South Sudan, tens of thousands of people have already fled the country. In recent days, 16,000 people have been evacuated to Egypt alone. On Thursday evening, the ceasefire between the two sides of the conflict was extended by another 72 hours. Earlier agreements did not stop fighting, but created sufficient conditions to evacuate civilians.

Main photo source: Reuters

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