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Sudan. The parties to the conflict have agreed a seven-day truce, starting on Thursday

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Sudan’s armed forces and the RSF paramilitary have agreed to a seven-day truce from Thursday, South Sudanese authorities said. They had previously offered their help in mediating between the parties to the conflict.

Armed Forces Sudan and the paramilitary formation of the RSF, which have been fighting since mid-April, agreed to a seven-day truce from Thursday, the South Sudanese authorities announced on Tuesday.

In a statement issued by South Sudan’s foreign ministry, cited by Reuters, South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir stressed the importance of a longer truce and the appointment of envoys for peace talks, which both sides agreed to.

Destruction in Sudan’s capital, KhartoumIndonesian Embassy KBRI Khartoum/PAP/EPA

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Uncertain truce in Sudan

The credibility of the ceasefire agreement between Sudanese army commander General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan and the leader of the paramilitary Rapid Support Force (RSF) General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo “is uncertain, given previous failed truces,” Reuters commented.

Thick smoke over Khartoum seen from OmdurmanReuters

Ceasefires for 48 or 72 hours have been announced several times since the start of the fighting, but each time fighting has resumed quickly and no effective assistance has been provided to the civilians caught up in the conflict.

The fighting, now in its third week, is causing a deep humanitarian crisis. The conflict could spread the crisis to neighboring countries, which are dealing with a wave of refugees, and the exchange of fire makes it difficult or almost impossible to deliver aid to a country where two-thirds of the population was already dependent on outside help.

Conflict in Sudan

According to Reuters, neither the Sudanese army nor the RSF show any willingness to resolve the conflict, and at the same time neither side is able to ensure a quick victory.

Undersecretary General UN Humanitarian Affairs Minister Martin Griffiths said “the scale and pace of developments in Sudan are unprecedented.” At least 528 people have been killed and more than 4,500 injured in the fighting since mid-April.

Since the beginning of the conflict, 270,000 people have fled Sudan and 75,000 have become internally displaced, according to UN estimates. Many countries around the world are evacuating their citizens from war-torn countries.

British citizens evacuated from Khartoum to CyprusUK Ministry of Defence

Main photo source: Indonesian Embassy KBRI Khartoum/PAP/EPA

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