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Sudan. Ukrainians captured mercenaries of the Wagner group, the media reported

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Three mercenaries of the Russian Wagner group were captured in Sudan by Ukrainian special forces – reported the Kyiv Post portal, which published a recording purporting to show their interrogation.

Ukrainian military officer Ihor Checherind, commenting on the publication of the Kyiv Post portal about mercenaries captured in Sudan by a special unit of Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR), said: We are on the side of good. We defend against evil not only Ukrainebut also the legal government of Sudan.

According to Kyiv Post, in the recording one of the prisoners says in Russian that he belongs to the so-called Wagner’s group and claims that the mercenaries’ task was to overthrow the Sudanese authorities. He adds that their number reaches hundreds.

According to the portal, these are most likely mercenaries recruited among local residents. One of them – according to Kyiv Post – said that their salary was one thousand dollars.

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The recording also shows representatives of the Ukrainian forces inspecting a military truck with the bodies of Russian mercenaries. The vehicle shows signs of intense shelling, and through the windshield you can see the body of a soldier with a “Wagner group” patch, the Kyiv Post wrote.

Ukrainian special forces operate in Sudan

The portal reported that Ukrainian special forces have been operating in Sudan for at least several months. Earlier, the website published a recording which – as it was reported – showed the destruction of “Russian mercenaries” and their supporters in Sudan by Ukrainian drones.

Kyiv Post recalled that in May last year, the head of HUR, Kyrylo Budanov, promised “to eliminate Russian war criminals anywhere in the world”, and the actions in Sudan are part of this task.

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