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Sulechow. A 72-year-old man in a wheelchair was hit by a car in the lanes. The police shows the video

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Hitting a man in a wheelchair on the lanes in Sulechów (Lubuskie). The driver of the car told officers that he had not seen the man. The incident looked very serious, but fortunately the 72-year-old man was not seriously injured. A video of the incident was released by the police.

The incident took place on Monday around 12 noon on a pedestrian crossing at Armii Krajowej Street in Sulechów. The driver of the Toyota hit a man in a wheelchair. The entire incident was recorded by city surveillance cameras. The video shows the moment the car hits the wheelchair, as a result of which the 72-year-old man falls out of it and hits the road with the side of his body.

– The 43-year-old driver explained to the policemen that he had not noticed a 72-year-old man already at the crossing, riding in a wheelchair – informs sub-inspector Małgorzata Stanisławska, spokeswoman for the Municipal Police Headquarters in Zielona Góra.

The collision between the car and the wheelchair, followed by the man’s fall onto the road, looked very serious. Fortunately, according to police, the 72-year-old was not seriously injured and the incident was classified as a collision. Police officers stopped the driver’s license and sent a request for punishment to the court in Sulechów.

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The police are appealing

The police appeal to adjust the speed to the intensity of traffic on the road and to be especially careful in the areas of pedestrian crossings and intersections. – Pay attention to the safety of unprotected road users. Let us remember that road safety depends on each of us, and responsible behavior on the road will help us avoid dangerous situations. Pedestrians, on the other hand, are asked to make sure that they can safely cross the road before entering the crossing, but also to be vigilant when they are already at the crossing – emphasizes Stanisławska.

Main photo source: Lubusz police

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