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Sulechów: Rescuers leave work. Three quarters of the crew submitted their terminations

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21 paramedics from Sulechów submitted their terminations. Reason? Low hourly wages and the management’s unwillingness to dialogue. Similar situations occur in other cities.

Negotiations were conducted with the rescuers who terminated the contracts in Sulechów, but they were not successful. Their current hourly rate is PLN 28 gross, to which there is a ministerial allowance of PLN 10. Rescuers want to receive 55 zlotys per hour of work.

As the director of the hospital in Sulechów informed TVN24, all rescuers employed under contracts and civil contracts submitted the three-month notice. A total of 21 paramedics. Many of them no longer work, are on sick leave. There are eight rescuers left on the employment contract. They are now securing the entire region.

The management has announced another meeting with rescuers for the next week.


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Notices also in Gorzów

This is the second group termination of contracts by paramedics in the Lubuskie voivodship – such a situation had previously happened in Gorzów Wielkopolski, where 41 people had terminated them.

The Lubuskie Voivodship Office ensures that the situation is under control. As the voivode’s press office emphasizes, so far there has been no situation where an ambulance did not go to a person in need. And if there was a situation where there were no ambulances, they would be directed from other counties.

Lifeguards are protesting across the country

Paramedics are protesting against low wages and poor working conditions throughout the country. – Rescuers quit their jobs, terminate contracts or thoroughly examine themselves and go on sick leave – described the situation a week ago, Piotr Dymon, chairman of the National Trade Union of Medical Rescuers. It is a form of protest aimed at fighting for better working conditions and higher wages. Rescuers feel that they earn too little, although their work is associated with risking their life and health, they are responsible for the life of the entire society.

They warn that in September there may be a situation where ambulances will not go to patients because there will be no one to be on duty there. – We decided to rest, use the contractual possibilities and it so happened that everyone wants to rest at the beginning of September – announced Michał Fedorowicz, a paramedic from Warsaw a week ago.

Anna Rokicińska from the cowzdrowiu.pl portal commented on the situation of paramedics on TVN24. She emphasized that “it cannot be that a person who saves human life works at high speed, with a fairly high level of stress, and earns PLN 3700 gross”. – They need to earn more and feel worthily being paid. They cannot run and work several jobs – she added.

The amended act on establishing the minimum wage in health care has been in force since 1 July. – Something interesting happened, because on July 1, the Act on the minimum wage came into force, and at the same time, the supplement in the form in which it was no longer functioning. It was made available to employers – explained Piotr Dymon, chairman of the Polish National Trade Union of Medical Rescuers, on TVN24.

– The ministry gives money and says that employers are to increase our salaries, and employers say that they did not receive such high funds that they could be increased. In the middle are paramedics, who at this point in many cities simply decided to take care of their health – he added.

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