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Sulejow, Klasztorna. Instead of the street, he went along the sidewalk – recording. Police: even the bad condition of the surface does not authorize you to commit offenses

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The driver – on Klasztorna Street in Sulejów (Łódź) – overtook other vehicles on the sidewalk. The recording of this event was published by the website Stop Cham. Officers remind that even the poor condition of the road surface does not authorize the commission of offences. The driver in the video is facing a PLN 1,500 fine and eight penalty points. And the road manager assures that the street will be repaired.

The incident took place on Wednesday (February 1) on Klasztorna Street in Sulejów. In the recording – published on social media by the website Stop Cham – you can see cars driving slowly along the damaged road. At some point, on the right side of the pavement, a passenger car overtakes them.

The driver overtook other cars on the sidewalkAlloy Cham

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Police: even the bad condition of the road surface does not authorize you to commit offenses

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We asked the traffic department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź about the behavior of the driver. – Let’s remember that we have to adjust the speed to the applicable traffic regulations, but above all to the conditions on the road – reminds the aspirant Aneta Błędniak-Kałka from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Łódź.

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The police officer emphasizes that “even the bad condition of the surface does not authorize us to commit offenses”. – Riding on the pavement is a fine of one and a half thousand zlotys and eight penalty points – he points out.

Others tried to take the road full of potholes, he took the pavementAlloy Cham

Road manager: will be fixed

It turns out that on Klasztorna Street in Sulejów, overtaking other vehicles on the pavement takes place quite regularly, about which the services and the road manager were to be informed by the residents. – I saw a similar event with my own eyes on Friday (February 3). I was there with the construction manager to confirm these crazy rides – Ireneusz Czerwiński, the secretary of the Piotrków County, tells us. He adds that Klasztorna Street in this section is being rebuilt, and the work is to be completed in June. He also assures that the most damaged section of the road – about 150 meters long – will be repaired. – We will immediately oblige the contractor to pour grits there. We will also ask the services to intensify checks on this section, so that there are no situations where someone is driving on the pavement – stressed Czerwiński

The event took place in Sulejów

Main photo source: Alloy Cham

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