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Summary of the six years of the rule of Law and Justice. Politicians’ comments

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Six years ago – on November 16, 2015 – Beata Szydło’s cabinet was sworn in. President Jarosław Kaczyński gave an interview on the occasion, in which he admits that one of the greatest threats to Poland is the price tag – the next anniversary of PiS rule comes at a time when the price increase is the highest in twenty years. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

It is good, and it will be even better – says PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński. But there are also threats – first, the internal enemy, that is, the opposition, and second, “the threat that must be fought and will be fought against is inflation.” The third threat is a pandemic.


The next anniversary of PiS rule comes at a time when the price increase is the highest in twenty years. The anniversary of the six years of PiS rule might not have happened had it not been for the key decision to introduce the 500 plus program.

The falling value of the 500 plus program

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However, it is precisely because of inflation that you can buy less and less for five hundred zlotys each year. After a year of the program’s operation, the real value of PLN 500 from 2016 dropped to PLN 490. Before the pandemic, to PLN 470. Next year it may be as much as PLN 400 or less.

The next anniversary of PiS rule comes at a time when the price increase is the highest in twenty yearsPaweł Supernak / PAP

Experts of the Pension Institute have calculated what the indexation of the 500 plus should look like. – Today, the amount of this benefit should be PLN 100 higher. But there was no such act in the act, nor in the budget, and listening to the government’s announcements, there are no such plans – points out Oskar Sobolewski from the Pension Institute.

Six years on, this is still something that PiS politicians list as their greatest success. – PiS always sends everything 500 plus. That they made 500 plus and this is a patch for inflation, lack of investment, impoverished retirees – believes Katarzyna Lubnauer from the Civic Coalition.

Great projects

Therefore, on Tuesday, the opposition also reminded the government of major projects that either stalled or did not arise at all. – We all know that the dream about the greatness of the minister, and then Prime Minister Morawiecki, did not come true, because it probably could not come true – says Adrian Zandberg from the Left.

The plans were impressive, some are still there. The megalithic airport in Baranów is still in the design phase, and by 2023 it is to absorb less than PLN 13 billion. More advanced, though no less criticized, is the Vistula Spit ditch for nearly two billion zlotys. Other great projects were not so lucky.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki during the keel laying ceremony in 2017TVN24

The ferry in Szczecin was not built, although PLN 14 million was spent on it. Only the famous keel was created. – PiS politicians came to Szczecin, promised great investments, new Shipyards, ferries. It turned out to be just a political fake – says Arkadiusz Marchewka from the Civic Coalition.

The new coal-fired block of the power plant in Ostrołęka, which was built, but was demolished, cost taxpayers over PLN 1.3 billion. – This is not an ordinary project that has not been implemented. The money was stolen there – believes Urszula Pasławska from the Polish People’s Party.

The new block of the power plant in Ostrołęka was demolished. It cost over PLN 1.3 billionGreenpeace

What is more malicious, they resemble the million electric cars promised by the prime minister. – His name is a liar, this car. There were a lot of these promises, they are all fairy tales for the electorate of Law and Justice – says Andrzej Rozenek from the Left.

Even in Law and Justice, the anniversary of the government went unnoticed. Officially due to the crisis at the border. On Tuesday afternoon, the Chancellery of the Prime Minister held only a meeting of current and former ministers of the last two governments.

Main photo source: Paweł Supernak / PAP

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