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Summer 2023. Heat warnings and water safety appeals

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The holiday season has begun, and a heatwave is ahead of us. The beaches – both guarded and unguarded ones – will probably be full, which is why calls for caution are still valid. Only last weekend in Poland – on Friday, Saturday and Sunday – 13 people drowned.

12 fire brigade units fought for many hours with a fire at a straw storage yard in Rusy near Braniewo. – The action is complicated due to the fact that we pumped out practically all the water from the nearby watercourse for firefighting purposes – said senior brigadier Ireneusz Ścibiorek, the district commander of the State Fire Service in Braniewo.

Extinguishing the fire was made difficult by high temperature. It is already warm and it will be even warmer. – This hot tropical African air, which lingers over Western Europe, will also reach Poland for the next few days – informs Tomasz Zubilewicz from tvnmeteo.pl.

Temperatures in the south of the country are expected to reach 35 degrees Celsius on Wednesday. We weren’t born for this heat. I used to remember 26 degrees Celsius, it was a lot of heat, and now 35, 36, we don’t tolerate it very well – says one of the tourists.

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Heat pouring from the sky is a serious threat – especially for the elderly and the sick. – Every time you leave the house, you protect yourself from the sun. I mean not only skin protection, i.e. the use of high filters, but above all head protection, protection against overheating and sun exposure, because cardiological and neurological problems are associated with it – recommends Violetta Gajkiewicz, cardiologist, Provincial Specialist Hospital No. 5 for them. St. Barbara in Sosnowiec.

Sunscreen, hat and regular check-ups. Doctors advise how to protect the skin from melanomaDominika Ziółkowska/Fakty TVN

A tragic weekend by the water

Water curtains are supposed to be a rescue in concreted cities. There are 14 of them in Katowice. – They are activated when the temperature on the thermometers exceeds 25 degrees Celsius and they are such an ad hoc form that residents can cool down – explains Sandra Hajduk from the City Hall in Katowice.

When the temperature rises, swimming pools and bathing areas break popularity records. That’s how it was over the weekend in Krakow’s Zakrzówek. Crowds by the water, unfortunately, also translate into drowning statistics. Since the beginning of the holidays, 38 people have already drowned, and only last Saturday and Sunday – 12 people. Among them, a 25-year-old who drowned in the Bolmin reservoir in Świętokrzyskie.

– He wasn’t waving anymore. He was nowhere to be seen from under the water. Then the fire department came. Later, a helicopter arrived and they searched for him by helicopter. The whole acacia lasted probably 30 minutes – says Mrs. Anna Pacioch.

It will be relatively coldest in the north of the country, but even there the temperature will reach 30 degrees Celsius. The heat over the Baltic Sea is another threat – cyanobacteria. Because of them, the sanitary inspection has already closed 17 bathing areas in the Gulf of Gdańsk. The heat will last for a few days, but this summer they will definitely come back.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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