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Sunbathing. How to sunbathe safely. When to Avoid the Sun Creams with a filter. Risks: melanoma and other cancers, skin aging

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Let us not lie in the sun for hours, let’s give up exposure to its rays at certain times, let’s not forget about sunscreen, head and shoulder protection on hot, sunny days. Dermatologists remind: excessive exposure to the sun can have adverse health consequences. Not only will our skin age faster, but the risk of melanoma and other malignant skin cancers will also increase.

Sunny days invite you to sunbathe. However, as experts point out, improper and excessive use of sunlight can have unpleasant and even dangerous consequences for our skin. What should we remember before we go sunbathing?

Sunscreen may not be enough

Specialists remind you to use sunscreen, wear a hat or cap and clothing that covers your shoulders. Prof. Grażyna Kamińska-Winciorek from the National Institute of Oncology M. Skłodowskiej-Curie explains that cosmetics with an SPF filter are especially important for people with fair complexion. Every day, SPF 15 is enough, but on especially sunny days, especially on vacation, when we use the sun a lot, it is better to reach for preparations with SPF 30 or even 50. However, even with sunscreen, we should not lose our common sense.

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– The use of sunscreen cosmetics with high SPF does not reduce the risk of developing melanoma if we extend the time of exposure to the sun – explains the specialist.

Kamińska-Winciorek adds that in the spring and summer months, we should avoid the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., and also not forget about sunglasses with a UV filter. Cosmetic protection alone is not enough to fully protect us against the effects of unreasonable tanning.

According to the latest recommendations, sunscreen cosmetics should be applied no more than four times a day, as their organic ingredients penetrate the body. Sunscreen creams also pose a threat to the environment.

PAP / Małgorzata Latos

Dangerous consequences of tanning

Dr. Piotr Rutkowski, chairman of the Scientific Council of the Czerniak Academy, emphasizes that uncontrolled exposure to the sun can have serious consequences for health.

– We try to educate people to avoid sunbathing. Firstly, because the skin ages when exposed to sunlight. Secondly, UV radiation is the main factor in the formation of skin malignancies, including melanoma, he says.

PAP / Maciej Zieliński, Adam Ziemienowicz

The number of cases of skin cancer in Poland is very high – about 40-50 thousand people suffer from it every year. The most aggressive of them, melanoma, affects 4,000 Poles each year. Even less aggressive tumors, however, pose a serious threat to health and life. Although the risk of developing the disease increases with age, younger people also have a risk of melanoma, whose skin is susceptible to damage by intense UV radiation.

The whole conversation with the dermatologist Maria Noszczyk (video from June 2019)tvn24

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