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Sunday, March 17 – seven things worth knowing

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New findings by “Superwizjer” journalists regarding the GetBack scandal, Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who gave “permission” to PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, and great emotions after the European Commission's decision on the scale of financing ammunition production in Poland. I see. And we will also have a weather breakdown. Here are things to know on March 17.

1. Tusk responds to Kaczyński

The echoes of the interrogation continue Jarosław Kaczyński before the parliamentary investigative committee on Pegasus. The President of Law and Justice said at the hearing that he could not say everything he knew because the Prime Minister Donald Tusk he would have to release him from the secret first.

The head of government referred to these words on social media on Saturday. “Apparently, President Kaczyński is waiting for my consent to start testifying. So please tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Before every committee and in every case. I allow it,” Tusk wrote on the X website.

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Jaroslaw KaczynskiPaweł Supernak/PAP

2. Emotions around EU funding

The European Commission decided to allocate EUR 500 million to arms companies to increase the production capacity of artillery ammunition. There is only one company from Poland on the list of beneficiaries – the Dezamet plant, belonging to Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa – which will receive approximately EUR 2.1 million from this pool.

The information caused great emotions. The head of the National Security Bureau, Jacek Siewiera, stated that “we are dealing with a scandal regarding subsidizing the production of tank and artillery ammunition by the European Commission.”

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The former Minister of Defense spoke in a similar tone Mariusz Błaszczak, and according to those currently in power, their predecessors are responsible for this situation. Minister of State Assets Borys Budka he wrote on social media that “Błaszczak and the rest should be brought before the State Tribunal for their omissions regarding the lack of grants for Polish arms plants.”

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3. German services about Russia's activity

German intelligence services did not rule out the possibility in the latest analysis Vladimir Putin may invade at least part of the territory NATO countries after 2026 – Business Insider reported.

According to the portal, a classified report stated that “a significant intensification of Russian arms production is observed, which may lead to a doubling of Russia's military potential in the next five years compared to the current state, especially in the field of conventional weapons.” “Troop movements, restructuring of the armed forces and the deployment of new missiles, especially in western Russia, would also suggest that Putin is preparing for a serious conflict with the West,” the portal reported.

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4. New findings regarding the GetBack scandal

At a meeting with the then Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki a decision was to be made about who was to be held responsible for the collapse of GetBack. As a result of the meeting, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority revoked the license of, among others, Altus investment fund company. The prosecutor's investigation was taken away from experienced investigators who did not agree to pressure. Then the creator of Altus suddenly turned from a witness in the investigation into the scandal into a suspect who was arrested for a total of sixteen months – the journalists of “Superwizjer” found out.

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5. Zbigniew Ziobro about his health condition

Zbigniew Ziobro published a photo of himself from his hospital bed on Saturday morning on X. He reported that he had undergone serious surgery that involved the chest, abdominal and muscle cavities, and neck. “You have to fight to the end,” wrote the former Minister of Justice.

Ziobro wrote that he learned about the disease on November 13.

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6. Weather breakdown in Poland

Poland fell under the influence of the Gabriele low with the center moving from southern Scandinavia towards Estonia and Russia – informed tvnmeteo.pl forecaster Arleta Unton-Pyziołek. On Sunday, the rain associated with the front will move beyond the eastern borders of the country, but another, colder front will enter from the north, with wet snowfall covering northern and eastern Poland. A portion of Arctic air will flow from the north, and the temperature will drop significantly.

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7. A bear chased a couple of tourists, the woman died

In the Low Tatras on Slovakia the bear was chasing two people. Shortly after the rescue operation began, a 31-year-old woman was found dead. The tourist probably fell from a height of about 150 meters, suffering fatal head injuries.

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Main photo source: Deniz Toprak/Shutterstock

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