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Sunday trading ban – PiS MPs bill. Sejm: draft sent to the first reading in committee

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The draft changes to the Sunday trading ban was sent to the first reading in the Parliamentary Social Policy and Family Committee. The new regulations are to remove the exception that allows opening shops on Sundays without trading on the basis of contracts with courier companies. The draft was prepared by a group of Law and Justice MPs.

It is a draft act amending the act on the restriction of trade on Sundays and public holidays and on certain other days. The representatives of the applicants are MP Janusz Śniadek from PiS. As we read on the pages of the Sejm, on Tuesday the bill was sent to the first reading in the Social Policy and Family Committee.

The Sejm of the Republic of Poland

During the first reading, the draft is presented by the representative of the proposers to the committee forum. It presents, inter alia, justification of the necessity to pass the act. Then, the draft should be submitted to a session of the Sejm, where it will be debated.


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Sunday trading ban – exceptions

One of the proposed changes consists in stipulating that the exemption from the trade ban may be used by postal points of contact, the main activity of which consists in the provision of postal services, and not – as it results from the currently applicable law – all postal points of contact.

It is about the predominant activity indicated in the application for entry into the national official register of national economy entities, constituting at least 50 percent. monthly sales revenue, obtained in the month preceding the month in which trading is conducted or activities related to trading are performed.

In the opinion of the authors of the draft, the proposed amendment to the provision should ensure the possibility of using the exemption from the trade ban, as originally planned, only by typical post offices. Also – as added – to postal points of contact that conduct commercial activities, but only as an additional activity.

PiS MPs also want to oblige retail outlets that want to benefit from exemptions from the Sunday trading ban to keep monthly records showing the revenues from this predominant activity and what from the rest. “This record of revenues is to enable labor inspectors to control whether a given facility meets the criteria set out in the Act” – indicated in the justification.

Sunday trading ban – who can work

In addition, the draft includes a proposal to extend the circle of people who could benefit from free assistance “an entrepreneur who is a natural person and trades only in person, on his own behalf and for his own account”. It is about – as we read in the project – the possibility of using the help of a spouse, own children, children of the spouse, adopted children, parents, stepmother or stepfather.

Amendments to the ban on trade – deadline for introduction

The authors of the draft proposed that the changes to the Sunday trading ban should enter into force 14 days after the announcement.

Until the end of the year, there are to be three trading Sundays: August 29, December 12 and December 19.


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